Roberto Cipresso and le garage winery

by Monday, April 25, 2011

Cavit and simple Mezzacorona bottlers, While the rest of the Fund will have to roll up your sleeves and finding new synergies. These are the first rumors that leaked from the well informed regarding the direction that will take the guidelines which will be drawn from the four "wise men" (Attilio Scienza, Emilio Pedron, Fabio Small and Henry Paternoster), mandated by the autonomous province of Trento to give shape to the revival of the local wine industry instead of, abandoned after the controversy of recent days.

Will Be, This, a way liable? Waiting to hear, There are those who indicate another, Maybe not much different, and definitely complement. "The way forward, trentino wine, is that the contributors of wineries are starting to do a few bottles at home, creating many small maison» wine. To set up exploiting the garage, Never mind. After the garage band, In short, even the garage winery. This is one of the key ingredients of the recipe, extremely practical and operational, signed by a large international winemaker at heart the fate of Trentino. He is Roberto Cipresso, one of the most respected winemakers in the world, author of award-winning wines, awarded the Oscar del Vino 2006 best Italian winemaker, bassanese d'origine, transplanted to Montalcino, class 1963. And student, at the time, the Istituto agrario di San Michele all'Adige.


Cypress, you that any wine tap becomes a success, What do you think should make the oenology thirty to relaunch?

If you want to get out of this impasse must make unique wines, to fall in love.


But in Trentino has always focused on making wines from great value. All wrong?

Right now a bit saturated market and certainly difficult, need to focus on products that cannot be compared with other. There will always be someone who will say that they have found a better wine at a lower price. If you produce wines, I repeat, only, There is no comparison and price is no longer the discriminant.


There are other ingredients for your recipe save-Trentino?

I think what is smaller now deemed more attractive. I would recommend to all contributors to grape wine cellar, even in his garage, instead of giving wineries.


So smaller wine cooperatives?

Yes, also because the competition with multinationals is an unequal battle in which it is better not to engage.


What do you think of Trentino wine country a bio?

All roads leading to the most sensitive products belonging to their territory and are certainly the success of tomorrow. Then, the great work is to make a strong communication on two areas: history and research. The history of Trentino is rich and ancient and you should develop it by building around each wine legends and traditions, that already exist, you just have to find them.


And as for the search?

The Istituto agrario di San Michele has to put on the field research and thesis development, allowing the Trentino to again become the reference point for the future of national wine. Cannot disperse perhaps also dealing with apples and fish. Finally, I would show the diversity of the territory, the climate, landscapes: a variety that has great appeal.


She would make wine here?

You have varieties of large breed, first of all the Teroldego, or white grapes of great quality. Cimenterei me willingly and with great passion in extreme winemaking, by Hill. You'd make still red and white.


Sparkling TrentoDoc and what do you think?

We'd much. The geographical location of Trentino would make great bubbles that give pride to Italy. In Short, the TrentoDoc has high profile examples, but it would be good if the media stand up because the Trentino has all it takes to make superior sparkling wines.


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  • Giuliano
    April 28, 2011

    Thanks to Roberto Cipresso for his valuable advice.
    Allow me a small consideration on "garage winery"
    Every producer of grapes has the temptation to start hidden and get wine to prove to his colleagues that his grapes would give life to the best wine in the world, the hardest thing is to overcome this temptation and join other growers to produce wine at a fraction of the cost.
    Cooperation is capable of accomplishing this little miracle.

    • Gourmet Geisha
      April 29, 2011

      Are you saying the exact opposite of what he says Cypress… Are two different points of view. I groom to Roberto. And he explains why… E cmq, as I mentioned on other occasions, be decided only who be: significantly lower cost wine or wines to fall in love… Fall in love with the wines of Trentino talking can do… and some already makes them and sells them, watch case, all, All the time. You want an example? The Gran Masetto di Endrizzi.

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