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by Sunday, April 24, 2011

I really like this place, Nestled next to the rocca di Sirmione and Lake that laps the floor-to-ceiling Windows. The catch of the day is always very varied: ranging from oysters to redfish, from scallops to orate. Yesterday I've tasted excellent Crab Salad with leeks and tomatoes in confit and a thrilling not Catalan lobster. Exciting but not as good, only that so far nobody has succeeded in doing a Catalan than of Le Maschere di Bologna… In accompaniment, a nice Lugana Ca ice’ of the Friars and, dulcis in fundo, a good tiramisu, homemade and chosen by cart from which, between fruit and delicious cake and creme caramel, It's a shame not to try.

The Gryphon, personally, I think it is one of the better than a place like Sirmione, It is difficult to find a non-touristic…

Bisse Alley, 6
25019 Sirmione, Brescia, Italy
Tel. 030 916097



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