Visit trentino wine suspended: the reactions

by Friday, April 22, 2011

After days of controversy, the Councillor to agriculture, Forests, Tourism and Promotion Tiziano Mellarini decided to put all silenced "by dismissing the wine". In its place, cala four ACEs up its sleeve, four "super partes essays", as he calls them, «to entrust the task of making a synthesis of what has been said and written so far and in particular to fill in content, of proposals and operational priorities to be addressed urgently path to reach in a short time to the sharing of goals and strategies is the primary condition to face the future and be more competitive and credible» markets. The spearheads already become operational in the next few days are Attilio Scienza, Professor of viticulture at the University of Milan, Emilio Pedron, among the most influential manager of Italian wine, Henry Paternoster, Winemaker of the Institute of San Michele, and Fabio Small, expert in communication and marketing area. The four will be joined by a secretariat coordinated by Mauro Mauricio, Director of the Department of agriculture and food of the province of Trento. A victory of the Winegrowers Association, He had said no to a consult with one place to them and six for the social cellars? "Definitely Yes", the vigneron Mario Parker without the triumphant tones, because "anyway, the essays are fine, but here there is no need to act. I still think that it would take an inter-branch Committee you redo the organizational operating mode in Champagne, where the Civic (Comité interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne) collects in one organism is the vignerons that large maison». The President of the Winegrowers, Dave Balter, Instead, comments on the news: "It's not about victory because we are not at war with anyone, but certainly this is an important sign. As regards the four experts, I think they're respectable people from undisputed capacity, but because they lack real actors? We still need those who do us a summary of what has been said so far? Personally I don't see the usefulness, but I note and rest available, waiting to see the work that will be done». We need to begin to act is also the President of the Trentino Wine, Paul Endrici, that hot comments: The four experts are people smart and prestigious names. Now we have to see what they can do, If they are truly interpreters who work in the territory. I think that this choice represents a transitional phase in order to find that balance that now there is and move forward: the important thing is that the Trentino begins to act, No matter what tool». And to welcome the decision to postpone until a later date the Check there is also cooperation that triggered the fuse that blew the fuss, asking and getting in the first instance by Mellarini six representatives on 15 at the table. "I think it's a good solution in all respects-says Franco Franchini, Director of the Cantina sociale di Ala – although much will depend on how this group of essays will work: I guess that give guidelines, that then must be translated into operation from other, pioneered by Wine Consortium. Cooperation, Anyway, He had no ambition to prevaricate inside Look».

Meanwhile, Mellarini has already "delivered the words to the wise: Unit, sharing of choices, immediate operability, serenity». The four experts, ensures the assessor, will begin in the coming days to deal with all components of the provincial wine world.


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