Trentino: arrive “Fantastic 4” essays

by Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here is the press release arrived today by the autonomous province of Trento. The wine sector resume dialogue constructively to define by common accord the paths on which to set your tomorrow. This strong appeal that is launched by Mellarini, together with a substantial choice time to clear up the atmosphere of recent days and to build a bridge between the various opinions in the field to aim at a desirable unity of vision.

The different locations that are accompanying the complex building a booth which entrust the task to identify strategies for revitalising and future in the world of trentino wine indeed generate heavy risk, negative impact on the image, and then also on the value of one of the most important sectors of the provincial economy

For this, After a thorough analysis of the situation, the Deputy Mayor Tiziano Mellarini decided to shelve the current bone of contention, namely the consult with all its delicate internal balances, and to entrust to four non-partisan experts, four "wise men" of recognized experience and professional competence, the task of making a synthesis of what has been said and written so far and in particular to fill in content, of proposals and operational priorities a path to be addressed urgently and on which you can compare specifically with all actors in the field in order to reach in a short time to the sharing of goals and strategies that is the primary condition to face the future and be more competitive and credible in the markets.

The four "wise men", who have accepted the invitation of Mellarini with urgency, the commitment and the spirit of service required by circumstances, are Science Professor of viticulture Jawahir, University of Milan, Emilio Pedron among the most influential manager of Italian wine, Henry Paternoster oenologist of the Institute of San Michele and Fabio Little adept at marketing and communications sector. Will be assisted by a secretariat coordinated by Mauro Fezzi, Director of agriculture and food Department of the autonomous province of Trento.

Unit, sharing of choices, immediate operability, serenity in tackling the needed gear changes and vision: These are the buzzwords that Mellarini has delivered to four experts, that will begin in the coming days to deal with all parts of the world varied provincial wine.

With the hope that this commitment and the provisions of the rasserenino the weather and allow you to go back to building with timeliness, responsibility and dedication to the future of trentino wine.


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  • andreaaldrighetti
    April 22, 2011

    The result of these constant changes of direction is being less and less involvement of companies.
    By a check “interprofessional” you go to four essays, well known, that with their strategic choices de-be responsible companies, cooperative, traders or winemakers, that once again you do not sit in any common table to discuss and decide the future of wine/trentino vineyard.
    I think the commentators and fans already know how it will end up.

  • graffo
    April 28, 2011

    We take those that others silurano and then maybe the fill euros without that there are a

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