The Cocktails with winemakers, but…

by Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Trentino Wine winemakers support, but in moderation. Say yes to the need to redesign the exhibition of wines, but invite vigneron to close an eye once again and to participate in the Festival to celebrate the 75 years and then sit down at a table and review the event to the 2012. Say yes to greater pariteticità of wine, asking three representatives for wine coop and three private producers, but "it is not a sine qua non». And especially, «our associations are available to meet fellow Winemakers to find a reasonable compromise».
THE NODE VIEW OF WINE. "We share the analysis and aspirations emerged in the last days of the Association led by Nicola Balter, but we accept the method, i.e. break», says Paolo Endrici, President of the Trentino Wine, I agree on all the concerns that have been expressed both on the show and on the wines of pariteticità not. "We gathered Tuesday,-says Endrici – and the discussion was turned on, enough to last nearly four hours. All of us 22 Wine members participate to View wine list because we believe it is time to build and not to divide. United stand also means discuss, attempt to assert their own instances. For this we would like to engage in all sorts of ways to reassemble the private front». But the program of the exhibition 2011 It is now defined, It is too late to sit at a table for review: «This year the games are now made, We need to think about the 2012. We also agree, for example, to shorten the duration of the event days, to two and a half days to the Max».
PEER CONSULTS. On the Visit of the wine, the Cocktails have clear ideas: "We believe – says the President – the new "Look" should not be a space to arrive numerically, but a hotbed of ideas and proposals for public administration. We are counting on the fact that win the best ideas for Trentino, not those that favor a part the manufacturer». But on the distribution of, certain, There would be something to review: "We want a review of the number of representatives: the optimum would be, in a pink 15, that representatives of the coop wine from six to three and passed that three were also the votes of the winemakers ' private. This however, According to Cocktails, It is not a sine qua non: "If there is room to increase the number of representatives – private notes Endrici – We will do everything possible to achieve greater representativeness, But if it is not possible to, However there're going back because we move forward with the strength of ideas and on this we feel very strong». In Short, the Cocktails come to plead the motto "unity is strength", but now – after years of words – must be translated from theory into practice: «The Trentino is too small (1,2% Italian wine production) and only (Italian wine guides, Germany and other Nations treat us all too often inadequately and Reductor) in order to divide», concludes Endrici.


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