Easter decorations according to designer Garini and Gold Bunny

by Monday, April 18, 2011

Are many and varied Easter traditions, But what is common is the pleasure of preparing the home for the feast day.

The House decoration with chocolate is a little tradition in Italy, but very well-established in Northern Europe.

So, Lindt has been thinking about how to make even more valuable this feast day dedicated to all lovers of chocolate and the art of receiving new and unpublished proposals for table decoration designed together with Angelo Garini, eclectic event architect and designer with a passion for the art of the table.

In Short, Nice Gold Bunny this year will give us lots of ideas for unique centerpieces… I have already decided what I would do…

Where? Going on the site www.lindt.com (http://www.goldbunny.it/index.php/Decorazioni) are on line, within the decoration section, many valuable suggestions and ideas to create a festive Easter decorations home through creative use of the famous Gold Bunny, the Golden Bunny of the finest Lindt chocolate, mini chocolate Lindt subjects (Mini Gold Bunny from 10 g, Mini Mini Chicks and Lambs) and the classic Lindor eggs.



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