«Save winemakers trentino wine». Interview with Erika Pedrini, “Miss Winemaker” of Europe 2011

by Sunday, April 17, 2011

«If the cooperatives and the province were in their place, We would support the plan in its entirety the Mach Foundation Wine because it is really well done». But wine "social" does not want to learn to give way and also has other, moles: «The wine Giants do what they in the heart, but follow the markets and fashions. The salvation of the local wine-making is in the hands of the vignerons». Straightforward and free words as his years, 26, and the fruit of his experience – such as his young age – that has led her to work (and to open his horizons) by Jan Luc Maldant, small cellar of Chorey-les-Beaune, in Cote d'Or, then in Tuscany from Fontodi, and then again from Albrecht Kiessling to Heilbronn, Germany. Among the thousands of young winemakers in Europe, the best is you: Erika Pedrini, daughter of art, raised in grape harvest and pruning, dasari, who together with Mario Zambarda and Gianni Chistè founded in 1972 the Pravis, cantina della Valle dei Laghi that relies on 30 hectares owned, produces about 230,000 bottles a year for a turnover of 1,2 million euros. The 6 April the jury of Art Vinum, international award for five years rewards Europe's best Oenologists, stated that she, for the 2011, the multiple brava between two hundred young people under 35 in nomination, from all the Nations of the old continent.

Erika, She is a member of the Board of Directors of winegrowers. We explain his views on no that was told by your Association to the wine and wine exhibition 2011?

It was not an easy decision, but, in the same way, was unanimous and Chorale, as for decades was not. Cooperation as always has put the Bill and has ruined the Mach Foundation Plan, that is beautiful, sending in smoke. If cooperation and Mellarini were in their place, We would support the Plan. We do not want nor create splits, nor do wars, but not even continue to be patient if this attitude does not lead to nothing.

The exhibition of wines will jump?

The say so. Without the winegrowers, in your opinion, It makes sense that it is?


As the current situation of the wine sector?

I believe that this crisis is due to an error of the wineries and restaurants. Both have made the wine a jewel and this was a wrong. Wine is a pleasure, everyday life, should not be put on a pedestal. And his relation with the kitchen is essential.

And in Trentino, What is the crucial node?

Unfortunately, here the issue is production management, that is in the hands of large corporations that follow the fashions and the markets. An example? Pinot grigio.

Winemakers are always ...

Exact. All winemakers trentini followed a road right in my opinion, more related to zoning, more entrenched traditions. I really think that the winemakers will be those who will save the trentino wine. The culture of our traditions will save us.

What are the wines that feels right point?

I believe much in the recovery of old varieties, as the Negrara or Franconia, that were planted in the past but then were removed in favor of Chardonnay and Pinot grigio. Now with the fashion of TrentoDoc we have to be careful ...


According to her the TrentoDoc is a danger?

The point is that you can't chase a fashion that maybe in ten years will. I just say that if the area is suitable for the production of sparkling wine, Groovy, otherwise you can't force your hand. Each grower should be an examination of conscience and then produce what it believes better. But with the heart.

Passion, heart, emotion. A very feminine wine its, right?

Maybe, Although I think the passion lies in men and women alike. The wine needs passion in it and sell it and the important thing is that it has a soul.

From 2008 He started working at Pravis. It was difficult to fit young woman?

Absolutely no, My father left me a lot of freedom. I think the wine made by a man and a woman together gives the best result and definitely is the strength of our cellar.


In the world of wine, the debate is open on the new target. What are in your opinion?

Women are certainly the emerging targets and I say also finally, because until recently have always been afraid of not understanding the wine and make mistakes. Fortunately today things are changing and you are opening a new Era for women and wine.


As a child he dreamed of doing Miss Italy or the makers?

The wine-makers, always. My myths are the great Oenologists as Cottarella or Mario Poier and my father, certainly not Belen Rodriguez as many girls today.

His dream?

Once, until a few years ago, were the three glasses awarded by Gambero Rosso Guide to the best wines of Italy. Right now, Instead, the myth of the guides has dropped. At Vinitaly we launched the Naran, a red and a white wine grown completely without chemical treatments thanks to the characteristics of the grape variety Freiburg. The greatest dream, though, would be to make a product valued at universal level, You can enclose all the soul of the Valle dei Laghi, innovation of my thoughts and love in all my family for life and for wine.


2 Responses
  • Giuliano
    April 17, 2011

    “If cooperation and Mellarini….”
    “If the cooperatives and the province….”
    If, If, If….

    “I really think that the winemakers will be those who will save the trentino wine” All? I don't think so…
    and then, Save the trentino wine but can never guarantee income for growers like doing long cooperation.

  • Angelo
    April 18, 2011

    We already felt, Dear Giuliano, on the topic: for Trentino wine cooperation is essential, but to ensure the income the road is long and difficult for all. What is not okay is to take shortcuts, Doping in fact salaries. Commercialize the Pinot grigio delle Venezie is legitimate for capital companies, but throw this weight on the scale of cooperation looks too “Brenno's sword” (If the memories of elementary school I did not betray). Is all here, in my opinion, the crisis of trentino wine: If the cooperative makes and sells the grapes of its members, just makes his duty; If buy out-of-State wine makes the trader, If he does it in style, industrial becomes. These are the rules of ethics. The rest is mystification that leads to moral crisis even with his pockets full of money. Or don Guetti did not think so?

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