I too am…The chairs made with the barrels

by Thursday, April 14, 2011

LESEDIEDELTORCHIO is the brand that brings together prestigious projects that enhance the precious wood of barrels through a skilful craftsmanship. The unused barrels are recovered by producers of wines and the slats are the basis of a line of stylish and elegant objects (chairs, tables, stools and armchairs; port-wine caskets; garment hanger templates) that maintain the original label of the wine in barrels.

The project, curated by architect and designer Marco Torchio, interprets the reuse as respect for the history and essence of an object and willingness to give him a new life once they become waste. The creations in barrique, just because belle, comfortable and ecological, educate to conviviality and pleasure conscious and are turning to a selected audience, able to own the physical and ethical appeal of the artisan process of valorisation.

The capital of barrels that each manufacturer eliminates every year turns into environmental communication tool and the label of the wine becomes an integral part of the, economic engine of a new production line whose reference values are the rediscovery of roots and the pursuit of beauty.

Each piece, created by hand according to the principles of ergonomics, is unique and original and essential lines. The working method is only a small-scale Assembly without distorting the raw, that indeed is respected and transformed to new feature. Therefore stains remain on the content of wine barrels, the aroma of wood, the writing and the story that brings with it material. The project welcomes and capitalizes on the shapes and marks left by those who built and used barrique, signs and forms made of trademarks, of matter, of effort and commitment.

The Assembly of the staves feeds on the pursuit of beauty mixed with desire of creating a functional object; the shapes are harmonized in respect of material lines, which retain the source color. The oak wood barrels for its absorbent nature welcomes signs and becomes history; in the concave part emerges the dye produced from the wine with red and purple tones, varying according to the type of vine; the outside, convex, preserves circles and signs of soil nailing. The wood is aligned with the steel in anthracite colour, bearing left at sight line in its essentiality, shape and thickness. For impregnating varnishes are used for protective wax effect to the extent of at least two layers on metal surfaces and three layers on wooden ones.

Parties and seats upholstered in leather or fabric softening the mood of rough and spiky. VelvetKEOVELVET recycled PET saves the high aesthetic quality of velvets. It is a smooth Velvet, pleasant to the touch and extremely robust, that maintains its beauty even when subjected to an intense daily use.

The barrique, Once withdrawn, undergo a process of selection and cataloging, culminating in the labelling of the staves.



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