Grappa: the Russia puts the wings

by Thursday, April 14, 2011

Falling consumption in Italy but the export opens the doors to the grappa so as to arrive at the well 102 countries with a value of nearly 36.000.000,00 and an increase of 7% with respect to the 2009. On an effective promotion, as evidenced by Grappa Image, that event in Verona combines photo copyright and distillate symbol of Italy. From data provided in preview during the press conference of Grappa Image, He grew up in Russia with the three digits + 136%, followed by the United Kingdom ( +37,7%) and France ( + 30,7%). The Germany continues to drive sales with about 50% of the entire marketing and sales of 17.811.294 euro, followed by 15% of Switzerland (6.708.322 euro) and from the 5% of Austria (1.654.270 euro). Interesting is also the average price, ranging from 5 Germany to euro 20,6 euros of Japan, ensuring a minimum of interest for Italian distilleries.

Are just some of the data presented in Verona on the occasion of Grappa Image, the event that, for the first time, interprets this product as "glamour" due to copyright photography. Although it was just closed, the most important wine fair in Italy, In fact, in Verona you keep talking about our country's symbol distillate. The manifestation, desired and designed by the Academy of Grappa and Spirits with the collaboration and the patronage of the Ministry of agriculture, Alimentari e Forestali, City of Verona and Verona Fiere, aims to promote the grappa in Italy and abroad.

"Grappa Image was born to talk in the world -says the President of the Academy of Grappa and Spirits Robert Carpenter -. In a market that marks the step, The grappa is ready to face the challenge of export but lacked an effective tool. We then asked the world of photography a copyright image glamour capable of promoting this product symbol of Italy, as was the case in the fashion industry made in Italy ". "Fragrance of Grappa" photographer Davide Cerati is the winning picture, depicting a girl while approaching the nose on your wrist holding a glass of grappa.

The image is the perfect interpreter of Italian glamour and was chosen as the winner of the photo competition linked to the event. Until 17 April, Grappa Image join the photographic exhibition the schnapps tasting by offering a true path multi-sensory. A choice that proved a winner, as confirmed by the appreciation of over 100 importers, that during Vinitaly visited the exhibition and tasted of the Accademia della grappa Grappa and Spirits.


The Academy of Grappa and Spirits is the National Association that by 2003 meets the following 6 companies :

Robert Carpenter Spirits

Carpenè Malvolti

Segnana-F.lli Lunelli

Distillerie Francoli

Distillerie Dei Dogi

Frattina-F.lli Averna

The Association, Since its inception, promotes scientific activities and research on the qualitative improvement of grappa, industry training, communication and institutional events.

The winner


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