Supernatural red hot chili pepper

by Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm going crazy for peppers. I love the spicy, but above all the flavor that has fresh chilli. Every year I do online shopping on where, with a few euros, You can buy an infinite variety of chilies. My bookmarks there are Bishop's Crown, delicious fruity taste chilies and not too spicy. Ordered them, arrive there the seeds at home and you have to do is plant them and wait, with patience, they start to grow.

I, Obviously, they are always wandering, I am fortunate to have my dad almost Ezio that has a green thumb and that satisfies me caring and looking after my chilies. I still don't know that this year I would let him plant the onions of Tropea, Another thing of which I am a fan, but I haven't found seeds…

Thanks to the warm climate of the last few weeks, look in my vegetable garden trentino what the heck is managed to produce Ezio:

A bison, by 27 cm, Indeed 34 If we measure the curve, as you can see from the photos! It seems that it is the result of a little convinced Sicilian chili seed, they were in all their force. The face. Now I have a problem: It is too beautiful to see, How do I eat? Tomorrow I will get a hand on your heart and I'll let you know if, In addition to beautiful, is also good. And the first one who raises his hand, give the seeds.

At the bottom of gifted (especially of the brain) There is always need. And don't think just those things there. Rocco Siffredi and John Holmes are not at the top of the wish list of GeishaGourmet.


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