Tortel and stilettos (and champagne)

by Sunday, April 3, 2011



Champagne and tortel de potatoes: luxury and simplicity. With this combined won't be able to surprise you. It's ideal for him he thinks he saw everything in life and, with that attitude a little Hustler and suffering gaze, the first time you met there said ' Baby, come here that ti insegno io a little things ...». But in this case I teach you and, be certain, gonna freak.


The Potato Pancake is done at de moment and served immediately, hot. So you want a hyper glamorous apron: I use those Vigar and in this case that seems to me the perfect Leopard. Under, you could wear a form-fitting sheath without many frills and a sandal or a popped up of latest collections, lacquered and with the pump from 3,5 – 4 cm and vertiginous heels: In short, Cubist chic version, but fornelli.

Ingredients for 4 people

6 medium-sized potatoes

Salt q. b.

peanut oil


Two ingredients and two secrets to make a perfect pancake of potato: the potato, that must be a white paste and a bit mealy; the grater, not a puree using storeBackup, but slicing potatoes to create both the puree that fairly large sheets, so they remain of the filaments can act as a skeleton to tortel, that remains soft inside and crisp on the edge structure. The bandits then garbage disposals, minipimer and other household appliances that we often facilitate the tasks in the kitchen: Here there is only the work of elbow. The pot, in making this recipe, is less important: the best would be to use a tinned copper pot or iron, but also a pan. To fry the tortello in a skillet is best to use the peanut oil, because it keeps well the smoke point: better yet, for a perfect, traditional cooking, lard.

The meats are served with pancake, cold meats and cheeses (My Favorites: speck, Cecina de Leon, La Tur cheese, Puzzone di Moena), Red cabbage, beans or fried eggs.


Champagne or very classy Italian méthode champenoise bubblies, di Franciacorta or TrentoDoc. The tourbillon of very fine perlage remind you of sea waves breaking on the shore, in a continuous motion magnetic and almost erotic absolutely explicit references.




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