Adam and Eve in a dish

by Saturday, April 2, 2011



To prepare a him very mischievous, who likes the game and is intrigued by the contradictions and metaphors, just like this chocolate swirl winks chubby soft bed of apples from t. .. Adam and Eve, In short, condensed into this sweet only to traditional appearance.


Pastel tones blouse and off-white fluttering skirt, boot country but strictly with the heel (Although not spiked). For this recipe the right clothing is something that communicates both innocence and sensuality: loose some extra button the blouse.

Ingredients for 4 people

gr. 250 white flour

gr. 150 of sugar

gr. 225 of butter

6 Apples

1 egg

1 pastry packaging

Salt q. b.

For the mousse:

lt 1 gr cream. 600 Black chocolate gr. 80 of sugar 4 eggs 4 tablespoons Brandy 4 tablespoons of rum


Knead the flour, sugar, 100 gr. of butter, an egg and form a ball, wrap it in foil and rest.

Meanwhile, Peel the apples and divide them into quarters. On a little cake melt 20 gr. of butter with 1/2 tablespoon sugar, then place over apples and caramellarle in the oven until they begin to become gilded.

At this point, cover with a disc of pastry, put it back in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes and, After cooking, allow to cool.

Proceed with the preparation of chocolate mousse. hot mount (on fire), as the Eggnog, the eggs with sugar, Brandy and rum. Remove from heat and add the chocolate a little at a time, then the cream and continue to assemble the whole thing until a homogeneous mixture will and creamy.

Serve the tatin decorated with a small amount of mousse.


A mulled wine and enveloping as a hug, that first SIP memories spring, – the flowering peach trees, the first sun warming – and according to SIP my first loves, the asemanhma and the hours that they ended up never waiting to see him again on school desks. Perfect synthesis of this is definitely the Trentino Moscato Rosa, ideal with this sweet and sinful so romantic at the same time.

(Recipe taken from yellow gold, Francesca Negri, chef Vinicio Tenni)

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    April 4, 2011

    Hello Francesca, I'm Laura Marsotto. We met in Monaco at the presentation of your fantastic SEX AND THE WINE.
    By the way, came the new edition? I need to talk to you about a nice initiative to which I send you the link, If you are interested let me know cuz I'll be there……

    April 4, 2011

    And then I have other initiatives of which speak to you.
    Thank you
    See you soon

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