Enosentimentale Education

by Friday, April 1, 2011

I have to admit it. The Professor is always the Professor. Analyzes, ponders, grabs. Also fixes errors in texts. And then the end result is that Sex and the wine with him became a novel of “enosentimentale education”. Do you understand? The Gustave Flaubert of enogastronomy. Well, In short, nothing wrong. You may rightly think that the Professor, aka Ahmed Abdelhalim, both a friend and as such in this definition we have put a good deal of sympathy. Well, I assure you that his friendship with the Prof was born precisely because of his ruthless critical sense towards the first edition of Sex and the wine, they lacked abundant typographical errors. Luca is not a tender type. But it's definitely a learned person, enogastronomicamente integerrima and pure, a modestly embarrassing, a rare pleasure: a Prof you affabula (and we all know how few prof we met on the school benches capable of accenderci interest). Luke is a Prof. prank, He is far, In addition to having to work with the gastronomic guides. And I hope that you decide to have a good time even writing here on GG, all that she wants.

Luca Amodeo Professor

Enostentimentale education Luke spoke last night in Turin, during the wine-tasting event organized by Eataly for Sex and the wine. Few knew how to talk about Sex and the wine and taking in all the nuances as well as did the Prof, estasiando the audience. In combined, tortel de potatoes (with practical demonstration made by vs DD), polenta, strudel, fantastic sausages Lenses (that I'm going to talk in another post) Ferrari and bubbles Rosé, Sun fresh, perfect for matching plates and also for the day, with the spring ready to bloom and the desire, already, to undress a little’ e rinfrescarsi con qualcosa di buono 😉 .

Here are some photos of the meeting, to which I would like to thank the organizers: Elisa and Valentina!

GG and potato cake

GG Professor and slow (Roletto)


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