The right wine for Clint Eastowood

by Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clint Eastwood is a man with a capital U. And with some satisfaction, don't deny it, I note also that he too (like many other) succumbed to the charms of journalists, sposandone a ;). If you ever happen I met him, then, should I play my cards right. What wine to order dinner, with the type or Clint Clint?

Personally, I have no doubt, a red. But the problem is that, because one of experience like him should be amazed. So what, pensado and rethinking, browsing my personal wine list that in 15 years of drinking I built with great commitment and effort ( 😉 ) and after a fun conversation with Monica Radio Montecarlo room can tell you which probably would offer a Praepositus Novacella Abbey, monastery and Superfine wines cellar. This, in particular, is a fascinating Pinot Noir, that makes 18 months in barriques of French oak, If it comes out with its 13,5% and a ripe body but bold by feel good both with rich dishes, and after dinner, as a meditation wine.

To serve, Why not warm up a little’ the glass above the candle. He and Clint will be cooked to perfection. I put the rest to your imagination.


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