Artusi: the feast

by Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Opens the curtain on the Centenary of Pellegrino Artusi. After the appetizer with "Italy Wishes by Pellegrino Artusi" – celebrated in over 30 Italian cities, 1.800 Miles from Sciacca in Bormio, unite de menus The science of cooking – now is the time of the official celebrations at the "father of gourmet Italian Risorgimento". Artusiano year starts tomorrow, 30 marzo (day of death), and will animate the coming months (until 28 February 2012 ), with conventions, meetings, tastings, exhibitions and videos. Two towns, Center of gravity of the celebrations: Forlimpopoli, in Romagna, the city that gave birth (Here the Artusi was born on 4 August 1820); Florence (where she lived for 60 years, and died on 30 marzo 1911).

Artusi 100 – Century Artusi
The celebrations of the centenary of Pellegrino Artusi officially open the 30 March in Florence with a study Conference, "ARTUSI 100 – Century Artusi ". Four sessions of the Conference, the first two to Florence (30-31 marzo), the other to Forlimpopoli (1-2 April). To open Wednesday 30 the Palazzo Vecchio (hours 16,30) Matteo Renzi will be the mayors (Florence) and Paul Zoffoli (Forlimpopoli), to seal the Tuscan-romagnolo axis of the author of the famous "La scienza in cucina e L'arte di mangiare bene".

  1. Protagonists of the four days of studies will be top experts of Italian food culture, that will compete on the Artusi and his work. Attention will be paid to several issues, the importance and timeliness of the project cultural/gastronomic Science of cooking, the contribution of Artusi, in the year of 150°, the construction of the nation, starting from the language. The world of chefs is represented by world number one (recognized by the International Academy of cooking), Massimo Bottura, He will speak on the topic "for a kitchen artusiana today". The academic world is represented by several renowned scholars, including Massimo Montanari (Bologna University), Alberto Capatti (University Of Gastronomic Sciences), Gian Luigi Beccaria (Turin University), Giovanna Frosini (University of Siena), Angel Varni (Bologna University), Nicoletta Maraschio (Presidente Accademia della Crusca), Joseph Polymers ( University of Pavia), Ugo Vignuzzi/Patrizia Bertini Malgarini (La Sapienza of Rome ), Dino Mengozzi (University of Urbino).

Wednesday, 30 marzo at 19,15 always at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Paolo Petroni, author and expert in kitchen, will introduce the audience to the world of Pellegrino Artusi, taking a cue from the Edition centenary Joints, presented for the first time on this occasion. Always in the evening, Luisanna Messeri, author and presenter of Alice Tv, prepare some recipes "in the manner of Artusi", that will then be implemented and servite those in attendance by students of Hotel schools in Florence.

Friday, 1 April the celebrations will move to Forlimpopoli. Before the Conference, at 15,30 in the central piazza Garibaldi There will be a tasting of recipes artusiane the lamp by the Schools of Forlimpopoli, Cervia and Castel San Pietro Terme and the Association of Maitres d'hotel. At 17,00 at Casa Artusi kicks off the third session of the Conference "Artusi Lab", which will put the attention to the influence of Artusi in the history of Italy, to end the next day on the theme : "Artusi in the history of Italy".

Two exhibitions scheduled in the next few days. The National Library of Florence, Montepulciano room, the documentary will be an exhibition "Pellegrino Artusi: time and works "from 31 March to 30 April. Opening the 31 March at 16.
At Casa Artusi, Forlimpopoli, will be hosting the documentary exhibition "Pellegrino Artusi: Home cooking and home "cookbooks from 1 al 30 April. Opening the 1 April minutes 16.30 in Casa Artusi.

The video-documentary
A video of 10 minutes, created for the centenary, will trace the ordinary story of a bourgeois gentleman and the extraordinary story of a book that has well travelled, even in cases of migrants, and strengthen the identity of Italian gastronomy. The documentary about Artusi sees the participation of Massimo Bottura, Alberto Capatti, Jane Daniels, Massimo Montanari, Valentino Marcattili. The original music is folk music school in Forlimpopoli, the subject of Laila groping and Antonio Tolo. The Director is Mauro Bartoli. The video will be presented in Teatro Verdi on 1 April, at 21.

"Italy is served", theatre performance in Forlimpopoli
Friday, 1 April the Teatro Verdi by Forlimpopoli, at 21.30 will be staged, National preview, a comedy in one act, with live music, recipes and multimedia effects, written and performed by Jane Daniels and directed by Enrico Messina. Along with Daniels on stage there will be Fabrizio Salam and Judith danaei.
"Italy is served" chronicles the life of Pellegrino Artusi and history of the unification of Italy seen from behind the shutters of domestic intimacy of one who has joined the Italians at the table. Based on the autobiography of Pellegrino Artusi and tracks from "Science in the kitchen", from texts of his friend anthropologist Paolo Mantegazza and Olindo Guerrini, What is presented is an insight into historical and cultural humus that gave origin to Italy's most famous Cookbook. The three actors embody three generations that compete with the legacy of Artusi, realizing the famous recipe for "Callista for use of Romagna. The show is free admission, reservation required. ( tel 0543 749234/5/7)

On the occasion of the centenary Edition of the Handbook are designed in conjunction with Casa Artusi and municipality of Forlimpopoli.

Edition BUR, by Alberto Capatti (2010)
This Edition, wearing the logo of Casa Artusi, is full of notes, and allows to observe the birth of artusiana dishes and their luck; explore, in 150° of the unification of Italy, Italian culinary training; placing Artusi in regional Italian gastronomic literature. In particular the preface by Capatti illustrates the spread of Artusi's work and its critical reception so far, Artusi's recipes and their placement within the fifteen editions published by him, unpublished archive of Forlimpopoli artusiane matches with the advice he received. linguistic documentation culinary vocabulary Artusi and its contribution to the Italian culinary education with special reference to toscano, the bolognese to Romagna and French, the first review of the anthropologist and sexologist Artusi friend Paolo Mantegazza.

Anastatic reprint of the first edition of this manual Artusi (2011)
"Very rare, nowhere to be found, the first edition of The science of cooking It is a costly and a text editor ignored antiques. No reprint from one hundred and twenty years, a specimen at the national library in Florence ". Thanks to the commune of Forlimpopoli and Giunti Editore is to press the volume with its 475 recipes and the dedication to cats Biancani and Sibillone (that will disappear in the next 14 maintained by the author, always at his own expense) In addition to contributions from Jeanne Frosini (Accademia della Crusca), Alberto Capatti (University of gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo and Colorno), Massimo Bottura (the best Italian chef, According to S. Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant 2010 and the International Academy of gastronomy in Paris 2011), Massimo Montanari (President Scientific Committee Casa Artusi ).



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