Geisha Harmony: our chocolate!

by Monday, March 28, 2011

Here is a report of Geisha Ilaria, that from Tuscany sent me this picture made by her about this interesting product! Yes, the chocolates to the Geisha… You must absolutely try it. Let's go hunting, I don't I still found them, If not on the internet! You, If you are more fortunate than me, Let me know how I am!

Milk chocolate and soft almond filling 48%.

Ingredients: sugar, vegetable fats, whole-milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, almonds (6%), skimmed-milk powder, lactose, wheat flour, emulsifier (lecithin es. soy beans), Salt, aromas (es. Vanillin). May contain traces of nuts.

May contain traces of nuts, contains soy lecithin

Nutritional values g/100 g

Energy 2360,0 kJ/kcal 560.0
proteins 7,5
carbohydrates, 50,0
zucchero48 .0
Lactose 11,0
fat 37,0
saturated fatty acids, 19,0
dietary fiber, 1,6
sodium 0,10


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