We meet in Turin?

by Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Place: Eataly
Date: 31/03/2011
Category: Tasting courses
Price:: € 35.00

There’ a new generation of women who have a very special relationship with wine. Are the wine lover, the passionate wine. A glass of red wine, white or no bubbles and’ only a pleasure, but also a way to express themselves, in the same way as a dress, a lipstick, a glaze, a pair of shoes. Has the same value as a song, a candle lit, of a poem, of that lingerie bought specifically for the first appointment, the drop of perfume mischievously neck mass!

Do not add other! We are waiting for an all-female evening in the company of the author and of fine wine!

Potato Pancake with sausage Lenses: old-fashioned baked ham, marinated beef and lardomagro.

Rustichello Lenses (Herbed ham) steamed with corn polenta

Apple Strudel – the more’ typical sweets from Trentino

In tribute to the occasion “Sex and the Wine” Francesca Negri… a novel drink literally everything in one breath and savor to the last page.

We are waiting for you in the classroom 2 at 18,30!

You can book here: www.eataly.it events



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