Dinner of the stars: the 9 Bergamo starred for solidarity. Along with GG!

by Monday, March 21, 2011

The 30 March dinner of the stars in the suggestive Seriana Energy Factory

The initiative sponsored by EXPO 2015

Bergamo cuisine stars come to shine together in favour of the Association IN addition Wednesday, 30 March in the historic establishment Pigna, in Alzano Lombardo, now home of the project Phase (Seriana Energy Factory). The Edition 2011 the Dinner of the stars will be again United under the sign of solidarity of chefs 9 Bergamo starred restaurants. Event godmother, the writer and journalist Francesca Negri.

It is scheduled for Wednesday, 30 March Edition 2011 the Dinner of the stars, charity night in support of the Association IN addition, long active in the Bergamo area in order to promote the integration of persons with disabilities, that for the 2011 He obtained the patronage of EXPO 2015.

After the incredible success of last year, all the chefs of the restaurants bergamaschi awarded coveted Michelin stars will return to cooking together to raise funds for the many projects of the Association. Have, In fact, already confirmed their presence Vito Simone Siragusa and Write (The Vineyard), Daniel Facen (Preview), Loredana Bishops (Antica Osteria dei Camelì), Enrico and Roberto Cerea (By Vittorio), Paul Frosio Certified (Frosio Certified), David Arrigoni and Paolo Benigni (Heath Tavern), Ezio Gritti (Sunshine Street Tavern), Fabrizio Ferrari (Roof Garden) and mark and Vicky Chandra (San Martino). Nine Michelin stars,then, represented by chefs who with their creativity and skilful mastery will create a special menu, still strictly top secret.

Everything in the evocative setting of the factory from Bergamo Pigna brand of made in Italy, one of the many boasts of Bergamo economy. After the technological park of the Kilometro Rosso will be, In fact, the headquarters of the Seriana Energy Factory (Phase) in Alzano Lombardo to open the doors to solidarity. Presented last November at the end of the week for energy, the project is designed to revive the economy of the Seriana Valley through research, innovation, the formation and the development of new businesses under the sign of environmental sustainability. Unanimous willingness of promoters to Stage, working in close collaboration with the Università degli Studi di Bergamo, the municipality of Alzano Lombardo, Dedalo Association of Artisans and ESCO, to support the event. Phase, In fact, is a collaborative project which will be carried out fully only with the involvement of all stakeholders in the local community, starting from those of non-profits, as the binding-Over, that give a precious contribution to the social fabric.

Excited about the Association IN addition keen to replicate the success of last year, When the evening was attended by more than 200 people supporting the project "desire for freedom" which allowed disabled children and not to spend a holiday away from the family of integration and mutual support.

After last year's experience at the Kilometro Rosso of Stezzano, This year the Association has decided to choose as a setting for this event the new citadel of energy, that is another face of innovation from Bergamo and the symbol of the new road to take to build a sustainable future for all. Also this year the bergamaschi cannot then miss the unique opportunity to enjoy a meal created with art by the best chefs in the city in support of the many projects that IN addition has in the pipeline for the coming months.

Top secret the dinner menu and the program of the evening, art mix, kitchen, music, sustainability and solidarity.

The cost per person is 200 euro and is fully deductible from tax, being a charity event.

Payment for reservations: NEXT Bank IBAN code: Causal IT84P0335901600100000017485: Contribution to support ALSO onlus

For information and reservations: – http://IN addition Onlus – Tel. +39 035.2270320 –



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