Millefeuille of Yellowtail and Green Apple: Here is the recipe of Hood for readers of DD!

by Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here It Is, the recipe of Paul Hood (the resident chef of Stube Hermitage Madonna di Campiglio), that has depopulated the 8 March the evening in his honor at the Westin Palace Milan. Read here and if you want more recipes by Paolo here. Paul has seen fit to give all readers of DD :). We carry over as written by himself:

Melle leaves of Green Apple and smoked Yellowtail

Ingredients for 4 people:
a small Organic Green Apple
100 g winter salad
juice of one lemon untreated
a passion fruit
4 g of fresh caviar
120 g fresh Yellowtail
100 g salt
100 g brown sugar
aromatic pepper
10 g pinenuts toscani
1 DL extra virgin olive oil ("46° parallel")


Take the fresh Yellowtail fillet, season with fresh thyme and lemon peel, Sprinkle with salt and sugar in equal parts, Let marinate in refrigerator for 3 hours.
Rinse the fillet by salt, dry and possibly smoke with pine shavings or sawdust cherry blossoms.
Breadcrumb finely and keep cool.
Prepare a lemon with citronette, passion fruit, oil, aromatic salt and pepper.
Slice the Apple and alternate layers of greater amberjack, Mixed Greens, citronette.
Complete with a small quenelle of caviar, a sheet of bread, a tomato confit and some toasted pine nuts.
Finish with a little oil and serve at 10° C.


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