Culinary variations: the street food. Staged in Tuscany

by Monday, March 14, 2011

What is beautiful and true street food! And if you're like me you also fans of this particular culinary declination, in the coming days the event is in Tuscany.

Arezzo – From 16 al 18 March the Association Streetfood with support of the city of Arezzo will set up a market for street foods to reconstruct the Italy pre-unitaria. The whole thing is posted in celebrations of 150anniversary of the unification of Italy. The celebrations for the important occasion you will thus of delicacies from territories as Kingdom of Sardinia, Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Papal States, Kingdom of the two Sicilies. The opportunity is great to celebrate 500 anniversary of the birth of Giorgio Vasari, artist and biographer architect aretino favored by doctors.

MARCIANO DELLA CHIANA (AR) 27-29 may – Second Edition after the success in may 2010. Is vasarian takes up the theme because in this territory was fought the battle of Marciano whose eponymous painting by Vasari is kept in Hall of 500 at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. Since the victory of the Florentines, commissioned by Cosimo I, Vasari built the Temple of San Stefano to victory open a few kilometers from Marciano.

RADICOFANI (Val d'Orcia, YOU) 1-3 July – In high summer the tour Streetfood is a stop to the cool slopes of the Amiata Val d'Orcia, Unesco World Heritage site. In this part of Tuscany has discovered another indigenous street food: the Ciaffagnone, kind of cake flour and water as tradition poor recovery in kitchen. Radicofani and the Val d'Orcia represent an area that gives birth to famous vineyards such as Montalcino and borders on the other note DOCG: Nobile di Montepulciano in addition to lull the adolescent DOC Orcia. Many craft breweries and Radicofani is in effect elected capital of street food like Florence and its lampredotto, Monte San Savino(AR) Cost (PG) or Ariccia (Rome) and the pork, Perugia and torta al testo and other local gastronomic identity that can be consulted on


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