Gino Lunelli: I leave the chairmanship of Ferrari. But I have many other projects

by Saturday, March 12, 2011

His brother Franco confides amused: «Gino always says that statements made in public have no legal value. Each year says that leaves, I wonder if this is the right time». Seems so. Gino Lunelli announced Thursday evening, in front of an audience of VIPs gathered at La Triennale di Milano for the Ferrari Award ceremony, that will leave the Chair as President of Ferrari F.lli Lunelli, and despite public announcements that they find time to leave, for Gino is high time to turn the page. «Work-says not without emotion – I was amused and given many satisfactions, but now I realized that I no longer have the motivation and enthusiasm of the past. For this reason it is good that you leave my place». To whom, yet, It is not known. You know, Instead, the rest of the "warrior" will be short. Why Gino Lunelli, class 1939 but with a spirit and a charism from thirty, everyone has in mind except to stick with its hands or putting themselves in an armchair and indulge all day from his beloved wife Francesca.


Fifty-three years in Ferrari, of which thirty as CEO and others as President. Dr. Lau, How can I leave after a work career and achievements?

It's not easy, but it is time for me to do. Is from October 1 1958 I work at Ferrari, purchased by the family six years before: as soon as I graduated from the liceo classico Meadows, My dad made me get into company. I also graduated in economics in Parma, but always working.


What are your fondest memories beli?

I have so many and all related to the multitude of people I met through my work. See, the problem was to promote our product, but we didn't have any money.


How do you promote a product without having the money to do it?

You make your friend great characters, which handling your bottle and this becomes much more than a reclame, becomes a status symbol. These characters make you participate in major events, but in return we must be always ready to run, without looking that it is Saturday or Christmas. Personally, I had the good fortune to meet extraordinary characters, as Indro Montanelli, Enzo Biagi, Giorgio Bocca, Enzo Ferrari, Nino Manfredi, Ugo Tognazzi, Luciano Pavarotti, Niki Lauda. Politics have always been a little off, but Prodi to Berlusconi, I know them all.


How he managed to bring the characters of this caliber?

Ah, This doesn't tell – she laughs-but I can tell you that you have to have a great desire to move, go to events, be personable and helpful.


His greatest satisfaction?

When in 47 I was given the title of Cavaliere del lavoro: at that time I was the youngest in Italy.


Why did you decide to leave, then?

Why 70 years I realized that I no longer have the enthusiasm of a time. I hope I have given my business the commandments of clear and well-defined objectives.


What is the secret of Ferrari?

Certainly the corporate culture. Without it we wouldn't have been able to accomplish 110 years. Then there is the choice of uniqueness: sparkling wine philosophy is devoted to extreme quality, making a single product, elitist and of the highest standard. And then, you need to be hyper specialized for having credibility in the eyes of the people.


Now that the torch will pass to someone else, What is your hope?

That between 100 years Ferrari there is still, with its culture and its values.


What is your relationship with the Trentino?

I love my land. I was born in Italy square. I am married and live in piazza Duomo. More TrentoDoc by so you can't. I will tell you more, I think I sacrificed my company for my "trentinismo" ...


In what sense?

Entrepreneurially, the best choice would have been to bring the commercial part of Ferrari in Milano, in the heart of communication, of business, large print. I never wanted to do this to my attachment to Trento and Trentino. Of course there are defects: the Tan are closed, whingers are never happy. At the bottom of, I'm so.


It never felt envy?

Isn't that who knows who I am. I worked so hard from boyfriend, sacrificing much of my private life. Some bubbles Ferrari on arrive all the world, but basically we are a small company ... I don't think the Tan envy me.


Maybe, If not envy, sometimes misunderstand, as happened to Monte Bondone?

Forget about this topic ...


No, explain to me ...

Watch, I've lived on Monte Bondone as displaced by 3 to 6 years, during the war. I have always had the House there and I go often. About 25 years ago I made a mistake of youth, If so we can call.


Which one?

I was put in mind that it was time to revive the Bondone. So, I convinced Ito Del Favero and a bunch of other friends in engage everyone in this sense. We formed a company which then commissioned studies, paid handsomely, Why approntassero a revitalization plan of this mountain. So did make a model and we presented to the municipality of Trento.


And how did?

They told us they wanted a concrete casting, We wanted to stretch out their hands as well as Trento, also on Monte Bondone. Our desire, Instead, was to give the city a development plan for the Bondone serio, not bar chatter. We were not understood.


What have you done, then?

We paid the consultants ' work, hundred million old Lira, and we put in the drawer projects. Have now been invested I don't know how many millions of euros by the autonomous province of Trento to revive the Monte Bondone: I'll leave it to you to judge if they were well spent or not.


I know there is something else, though, that just does not go down, and about your new wine cellar in Umbria, in Montefalco ...

It is true. I'm doing an amazing work of art, the only sculpture in the world where we live and work in a region that does not know. I wanted to do it here, and instead was in Umbria that we needed to build this structure. If only I had come to mind to convince Tomato and ...


Arnaldo Pomodoro, the sculptor. With your wine cellar signed his first and probably only building-sculpture.

Exact. Probably only for this will come from all over the world. I didn't think the result was perhaps the most beautiful work of art, and in my opinion one of the most beautiful in the world: a sculpture in the shape of the carapace (the turtle's shell, ndr) by 38 meters for 28, with a ziggurat encased inside a spiral staircase, that will be used as a tasting room.


She said that now that leaves Ferrari must be something else to play with. Already has some ideas?

SA, not having children I thought the best thing was to leave everything to a foundation, with a dependent person and the rest in the form of volunteering, through which take care of Africa and its people, pouring in unimaginable conditions and unspeakable. And then I'm going to do a lot of walking in the mountains with my wife ...


Don't tell me now, suddenly, its motto is "dolce far niente".

No, though some relaxation deserve – sly grins -. Besides Ferrari, I was a member of 19 boards of Directors, including in Unicredit. Now they are released from all. In the future, In addition to my Foundation, just some Ferrari's Board of Directors, I will dedicate to the Christian Union contractors and other things you do for friends.


And if someone asked me to lend a hand to Trentino as a consultant, She would reject?

Yes, because for these things it takes young people.








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