Ferrari award title and cover art of the year. Who won. Who was there

by Friday, March 11, 2011

GiovanniTamburi, MatteoLunelli, GiovanniRana

Gino Lunelli beato tra Lunelli Camilla and Anna Kanakis

The "title of the year" went to Print, While the "cover of the year" was conquered by Seven, the weekly magazine of Corriere della Sera. So he decided the jury Ferrari, presided by Gino Lunelli, they met on the evening of Thursday, 10 March in the Palazzo della Triennale di Milano. Both newspapers were awarded ben 1.000 Ferrari Brut bottle.

The press has won with "the Nobel Peace Prize goes to an empty chair", appeared on the front page of the newspaper of Turin the 11 December 2010. This motivation explaining the success: “Just a few words to tell linearly the bitter rawness of reality. How do you make this title that explains using the example as civil rights are being trampled in the people's Republic of China. To deny the dissident Liu Xiaobo to travel to Oslo to collect the Nobel Peace Prize that he was awarded. And to force the Norwegians to settle on an empty armchair Nobel diploma and medal”.

Seven has won the award with the cover "Coca City" of April 8 2010 for the following reasons: “What was the moral capital of the country and that continues to be the business capital and fashion, It is also the main Italian cocaine market. A tremendous record that with rare effectiveness synthesizes this cover on which, with undoubted pathos, dominates the facade of the Cathedral built with strips of cocaine”.

Daniela Santanchè Matteo Lunelli

Throughout the year you can report titles and covers significant deductions for the next edition of the award organized by Cantine Ferrari, through the site or by contacting the Secretariat of the prize directly to , tel. 0461 972384.

Bruno Pizzul and Ottavio Missoni

And, of course,, c’era anche la vs GG 😉


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