Fedcoop system Pact: points and debate

by Friday, March 11, 2011

Diego Schelfi affabula the audience

The new "system Pact" between the members of Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione was the focus, today, the work of the Assembly meeting in Trento. The document had the consent of the majority, no votes against and six abstentions: are co-operatives Dao, Cooperative families of Terme di Comano, Aldeno, Pinzolo, Valle di Non, and the Cassa Rurale Giudicarie Valsabbia Paganella.

There were 189 cooperatives on 539, with 446 votes out of a total of 841, equal to 53%.

By Diego Schelfi

At the opening of the Assembly the President of the Trentino Cooperation Diego Schelfi He expressed solidarity with the members of the cooperative Nicolini Bagno di Pieve di Bono, founded three years ago by the courage of some ex-employees, and a few days ago liquidation. "Cooperation is designed to respond to the economic and social needs of the people, Let us not forget ever – said Schelfi – everything you believed, Unfortunately it missed the market ".

With regard to the document, Schelfi believes that it represents a further step towards full responsibility to be cooperative partner, and awareness of being part of a system. "It introduces a few rules – said Schelfi – but has no intention of restricting freedom of the individual cooperatives and their directors. Rather, freedom means having all the elements in order to decide on an informed basis and without constraints. Unless you want to use autonomy as an affirmation of power, that's not good.

The debate was wide, someone believes that the approval of this House is too soft, other overly invasive. It is simply a summary of positions emerged, and overall it's a good document ".

On the training of administrators and managers, Schelfi has invited you to not separate technical training from that "cooperative". "Owning, by cooperators, a ' common ground ', a common idea in the history of cooperative thinking, It helps tremendously to interpret our stand in the markets, our organizing cooperative enterprises, our original way to exercise professionalism at all levels: from those organizational and managerial skills to those manuals ", the President said the cooperation.

Gender policies. Schelfi stressed the importance of considering, in the life of cooperatives as well as composing die boards, gender equality as a key and strategic list. "Women were the pillar of our rural economy, must continue to be so even in co-operation ", concluded.

The main content of the "guidelines" on which debates the Assembly

A first group of proposals concerns the relationship between the Federation, second-level bodies and societies and the tools to prevent criticality, through responsible use of autonomy; the second is devoted to the subject of training and skills development, cultural awareness, and technical management of the ruling class of the movement; the third group, Finally, is dedicated to the theme of the participation of members and of democratic control of the cooperative.

Coordinated development of the system

In order to prevent the occurrence of any problems, the President or the Director of the Federation could, with reasoned, intervene on the boards and possibly general meeting to inform on facts which may cause injury to the cooperative's activities or for the development of the system.

On the same vein prevention, meetings of members may be, in the approval of the budget, the maximum amount of any financial commitments on debt that the company can take. Admins must request specific authorization of the Assembly for new operations that exceed this limit. Members, on the other hand, must undertake not to leave the cooperative if you agree, While will withdraw otherwise.

Culture training and cooperative entrepreneurship

Training of administrators and managers of the movement has now become indispensable requirement to guarantee effectively the development of cooperatives.

The cooperative will be required to prepare a training plan for administrators, the mayors and the leadership team, whose content can be determined autonomously by each cooperative, taking into account the General guidelines to be established by the Federation, by agreement with the other central bodies of the movement and Training Work society.

Participation and democratic control of the partners

The document lists a series of indications, that can be transposed from associate, regarding the re-eligibility of Directors and Auditors, the involvement of employees, the increase in the membership of cooperatives, the holding of meetings and the election of the social charges. All instruments to improve democratic participation and transparency in the relationship between administrators, management and associates.


Giuliano Beltrami – cda President and Federation component fc Val del Churches

I do not agree on three things.

First: preventive training. While supporting for years mandatory training for administrators, I find it frankly the idea of misplaced make training before a candidate is elected. Why not to subscribe to the commitment to form candidates if elected? Would be more reasonable.

According To: the inability to stand for a former employee for the first three years after its release by the cooperative which was dependent. I am not convinced. But you think that, waiting three years, the rancor steps to fired? Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Third: step in the meeting to quit the Federation or by the consortium of second degree. I think that should be the Board of Directors of the coop to decide and not the Assembly. I don't think the cda to limited sovereignty. Stand or sit in the Federation or in a consortium of second instance may not be a statutory provision.

Some considerations.

I will not say that the mountain has given birth to a mouse, but I think the elderly lady, i.e. the Federation, did a bit of face-lift after 120 years. But it was what we needed. I would have preferred that you appoint a working group to sort of Refoundation. I would have preferred that you work a year or two to take home a real reform of our movement. The problem is serious. The Working Group chose not between people overloaded found in spots but a working group composed of men and women of good will and competence of the base and not lying all week. Otherwise we run the risk of the futility of a document, a facelift, a make-up.

Schelfi clarifies that prior training does not exist. It recommends the Organization of training courses for members.

Erman Bona – President Cr Mori Val di Gresta

If there is something to tell our Board and our shareholders is right that the Federation is talking about something.

Training: our societies are so complex that people elected from the base they need to follow an appropriate training course.

Tips. Of people we have prepared lots of and it is right that after three terms there is someone else. And lot of people that the cooperative movement has, There are specially prepared.


Mauro Rizzi – President of Fc Campitello di Fassa

Is it possible to create good cooperators to statute? Of cards, rules, statutes we have had enough. The heads of the central bodies have never been driven from our cooperatives and from our meetings, but often were invited for legitimising decisions.

The education must be free, enjoyable and interesting. Doesn't seem right to Statutes imposing additional obligations to our Board of Directors. Preventive training does not protect existing Admins? Maybe you should consider people for what they are worth and not for what they cost.

Fear not those who think with their head and don't fill the Board with yes man.


Luca Rigotti, Vice-President Mezzacorona

A conviction: It was a great job and I think mediation should be the beginning of an internal discussion rather than dropping rules from above. More participation and mutual cooperation. The system is valid: cooperatives were born in the crisis, against the crisis. Have passed very difficult periods. Today there are elements of crisis that originate from the outside. Crises pass, the system will there still be. Maybe different but with the same principles.

More discussion within, the rules let down from on high are to be avoided. Serve form and not coercive because rules are likely to dismiss the cooperative partner of first instance and the partner from the Federation.

If the partner we just value in assemblies, We give credibility in managing the company. His partner flees when we are not able to give a way out of the crisis. Sharing from below, mutual cooperation in order to create civil economy and capital.


Mauro Ferretti, Electric Consortium President di Storo

Porto is an example of a very particular and very cooperative anomala, but it has more than 3000 Members.

Cooperation is an extraordinary wealth and trentini are masters in this. Economic and social wealth and everything stems from the starting point that is the partner, i.e. the citizen.

The old lady has 120 years and maybe you have to rebuild something. Rebuild can be a soft passage starting from the awareness on social and economic aspects of the territory. The 10% of the population in Trentino has economic suffering: an enormity to an area rich, self-employed person.

The concept of training is an essential element in front of the photo we have before our eyes. We have a model of our operatives that we have trained over what size. But not necessarily doing take classes. It's a sign that came to maturity this renewal that must take place gradually.

Another important term: freedom. If I'm free I must be even nominate that person because I think I qualify to represent me. And do not want to see re-educated by law, for standard. I wish our cda be earmarked and not obliged their members to attend training courses. Coercion is not a term that fits to cooperation.


Francesco Bettalli, Thanks to the cooperative life

The cooperative's Board of Directors has judged positively as contained in the document. It was appropriate to do it.

First: need to adopt mandatory training plan. None of us has any doubt about the importance of education for the role that will be played. Concerns about how.

According To: the relationship with politics. Awareness is the Pact, It is also an educational tool. To ensure independence requires some extra step- Encourage forms of subordination or ventilated collateralismo could affect social and entrepreneurial action.

Third: the Interior of our mutuality. We believe in the value of the movement for the good of all. The Convention that we have to prove with facts when things don't go well. In case of a crisis situation, the first to put his hand to the portfolio must be us cooperators. Mutual common commitment. At least at the level of awareness. Learn how to exploit the synergies of the system.


Guild President

It was not considered a fixed element of young people within the boards of Directors. There are ideas for men good and bad women's ideas and vice versa but there are good and bad ideas.


Barbara Grassi, Association President Women in cooperation

Training: perfect starting point to facilitate a concrete process of cultural change to a modern cooperation, competitive, democratica.

I hope that the issues and reflections can find space for dialogue, reflection and constructive confrontation. With the pride of our cooperator proves avant-garde movement. Thanks also to our President, our great supporter.


Luciano Imperadori – Strenna Thirty

The trouble came when we wanted to aping others, When we wanted to build models that there were. When we dropped the Raiffeisen model that places the Central Federation and not at the Summit. A way to reaffirm the centrality of the Federation not to impose taxes but of belonging to a system. Members are not only members of the cooperative but a system and then, in this, certain rules are appropriate. I believe that members must have a responsibility whether to exit or not from the cooperative movement. And then the House must be involved in this decision.


Sergio van der Walt-Director Risto 3

First: I had asked you to intervene with a reorganization before the last election. And I find myself with some partial proposals, some inadmissible.

The three points gave them exposed Giuliano Beltrami previously. I add some things. If we want to grow, we can bring people in cda. It is not acceptable to have children and godchildren, who can and who cannot be elected. If the Board decides to adhere to central bodies can only be Board of Directors to determine the release by the central bodies.

In the history of Trentino Cooperation there is a point that made us decide to create cooperatives: the eat, buy seeds for the next season. Today the center point is the work. Here no mention of work. It is a central moment. We cannot make a document of this kind without talking about work today. I say this as a cooperative that has the largest number of employees in Trentino.

Board proposals: I am against the Presidents elected by the Assembly.

Boost mergers in other sectors: by, consumption, and in other areas where the problems begin to be.

I conclude with a quote from St. Augustine. Hope has two purposes: anger as grit needed by all of us and the courage to innovate, of doing things. To avoid to stay firm.


First Vicentini – President Cr Bassa Valsugana

On the merits of the proposals we shared common sense that characterizes and subsequent adaptation to the individual reality.

Since the Federation intervenes to save the system must have the right to provide advice and to alleviate hardships of single. It's obvious that the exponents of the Federation have the right to take the floor as we believe appropriate training for administrators.

We confirm our positive view on the guidelines in the document that we reinforce the conviction, as Raiffeisen, to have worked in recent years to better.


Pamela Gurlini – Associazione Giovani Cooperators

Insert the younger co-operatives because social, in view of the renewed interest in the principles and values of our movement, can bring new blood. Essential if we are to tackle concretely the undeniable problem of ageing and generational basis.


Francis – President Pederzolli Coop Consumatori Alto Garda

Our cda assessment has been positive because internally these proposals are almost always applied. It's a start to improve our be cooperators.


Giorgio Turri, President Cooperative Family Val di Non

For cancellation from our Federation statute already provides the passage by the Assembly.

The training is required for all but should not be set in the contents or where it should be done. I understand that all problems are of cooperatives. But the Federation has done everything possible to avoid these situations? The members of the Federation should be all the same, the rights and duties.


Lino Orler – Director Cla

This Federation “eppur si muove” Although in my opinion it takes more courage. We need a reality that is more deeply cooperative. Network means keep moving.

The training is very much at all levels and not only to those who are elected but must be extended to all members. And I do not agree that as a member of both the Board of Directors to decide everything. The strategic guidelines should be discussed in the Assembly and the members are prone to think about this.

The presence of the Federation: We believe there is a right. Indeed as the Consortium we invite a representative of the Federation to our Board of Directors and we regret to record the absence for other commitments made by invited.

The women's resource is perhaps more valuable than the male. I see it daily in my experience.


Marina Carr-President Movitrento

Much of what is contained in the document is applied by our cooperative.

Training: also fundamental to understand what it means to work cooperatively as so many of our foreign collaborators.

Women: I hope the commitment of the Federation because in his BOD there is at least one woman per sector. Let's have a little courage. We try to be innovative in this field. As prof Morelli invitation to edit the "Because it's hard not to do" in "although hard we try".


Mario Ventura – President Fc Fiemme

What is contained in the document is basically acceptable.

Proposal: but because the formation is not handled by taking the burden of organizing for Guild administrators in a designated area two to three meetings per year in the community of the Valley?


Patrizia Montermini – Vice-Chair Cr Caldonazzo

I realised that the cooperative is important be United. For the sake of all it is important to accept these proposals confronted within the co-operative and central bodies. Female and juvenile shares importance.


Silvano Deavi – President Consolidates

We are living a moment of misery: decay of values and inclination to selfishness and individualism. Cooperation: tool to cultivate these seeds and values.

Rules: individual choices but not your system. Duty which competes existing administrators. Adhere to rules is a free choice. Join not because it imposed from above but because thirty community needs a cooperative system spread on the territories.

More young people and women to propose innovative Cooperation as a subject that deserves a future.


Renato Dalpalù – President of Sait

The Board of Directors of Sait has shared the document structure, Although not unanimously. Rule document but not a job, a direction line, a thought on which evidently we must build.

Your System: We must understand and agree About Cooperation it is believed if a cooperative system. Because if you think that is logical and necessary that, a release from the Federation, It is a strategic decision and a direct result of having heard the prior opinion of the partners.

Collaborators: There is no ostracism on the part of administrators to prevent entry of cda staff.


Elena Cetto – The Road Cooperative President

Everything starts with the willingness to apply these rules and principles. As a young person and as a woman: We don't want to take anyone's place. Please give us some space and walk together.




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