The man-Lambrusco and tortel de potatoes

by Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Have you ever seen a man Lambrusco? Yes, one of those simple, from bread and salami, but that good though. Here's, for one so the right recipe, According to me, is that my beloved tortel de potatoes. Is nothing more than a miniature potato omelette, you fry in pan and can be paired with any meat and cheese you like more. In Trentino, It also serves with a cabbage salad, topped with a little oil and vinegar, a little’ salt and pepper too: the original recipe also includes some’ of crushed garlic, but not everyone likes…

AND’ a very easy recipe to make and, As a matter of fact, You can splurge for dinners among friends: the only thing to do is to grate the potatoes and FRY… easier than this! But the dish is impressive and you can use it both as a single dish, both as an appetizer. There is also a sweet Variant: If you add a little’ black currant jam and powdered sugar even the dessert is ready!

Ingredients for 4 portions:

6 medium-sized potatoes

Salt q. b.

peanut oil

Only two ingredients for one of the tastiest dishes not only about gastronomy, but national too. Banning the flour, Although most of the recipes of tortel de potato indicates: Word of de la torta de potatoes, the custodian and promoter of the ancient recipe of tortel. If the potato, especially if news, does a little water, just drain in colander. The secret to a perfect pancake? Two: the potato, that must be a white paste and a bit mealy; the grater, not a puree using storeBackup, but slicing potatoes to create both the puree that fairly large sheets, so they remain of the filaments can act as a skeleton to tortel, that remains soft inside and crisp on the edge structure. The bandits then garbage disposals, minipimer and other household appliances that we often facilitate the tasks in the kitchen: Here there is only the work of elbow. The pot, in making this recipe, is less important: the best would be to use a tinned copper pot or iron, but also a pan. To fry the tortello in a pan (or in the oven, If you make the cake) It is best to use the peanut oil, because it keeps well the smoke point: better yet, for a perfect, traditional cooking, lard.

The pancake and potato served with de salami, cold meats and cheeses, Red cabbage, beans or fried eggs.

(recipe taken from my first cookbook, The story in the pot, Curcu&Genose)

If your man-Lambrusco is one that he intends to gastronomy, I suggest you serve the tortel de potatoes with Cecina de Leon and La Tur cheese. Will yield to your culinary provocations. And for after dinner, If you're aggressive, Here's a head to wear, absolutely trendy (Yamamay):

Romantic, but sensual, the Red Lambrusco, bubbly as you and intriguing as the tortel!

Wine to match: but the Lambrusco, Obviously! Or, Champagne, Franciacorta sparkling TrentoDoc or.



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