The communication of the wine is to be changed

by Monday, February 28, 2011

GG & Sex and the wine. The new wine communication?

Wine communication to non-experts. For this fall's wine consumption or his appeal. AND’ This is what emerges from a survey by Vinitaly, but from what we read in the press release arrived today, There are still many points by spotlighting. One out of every: speak easier, talk by enthusiasts, talk to fans and women. Put in the history and glamour. There are also those who saw us, in my Sex and the wine, important insights in this sense: leggi here.

But here's what emerged from the survey:

Decrease domestic consumption because the system lacks shared strategies and can do culture and communication. I'm convinced Lucio Mastroberardino President Uiv, the commercial Director of Cantine Riunite Nino Visco, the journalist Marco Gatti, the President of Ais Antonello Maietta and Riccardo Facci of creative Facci&Pollen in the second open confrontation by Vinitaly with its weekly interviews. The debate on the site

Verona, 28 February 2011 – The wine Italy produces too much, Notify me of too little on the internal market and does not know how to make your system nor in nor outside the national borders. Merciless judgment on national Enology given by Lucio Mastroberardino, President of the Italian wine Union, in the second series of interviews with institutions from category, manufacturer, communicators, operators of the distribution and catering, ads/experts of custom made by Vinitaly (7-11 April 2011).

The debate over declining domestic consumption proposed by the most important international exhibition dedicated to wine involves this week, In addition to President of Uiv, the commercial Director of Cantine Riunite Nino Visco, the journalist Marco Gatti, the President of Ais Antonello Maietta and Riccardo Facci of creative Facci&Pollini. At the end of the discussion, during the days of the event will be presented a specific market research, commissioned to understand the phenomenon and possible strategies to be adopted.

The comparison, published on the site is open to comments and concerns three questions.

Can the country first manufacturer live export only, with the risks posed by currency fluctuations and by aggressive marketing and distribution policies of competitors of the so-called new worlds?

The Italian market gap is economic, or is it a cultural miscommunication?

Because otherwise the export trend is growing?

Shared by all respondents to this week's opinion on reasons hindering the internal market. For Antonello Maietta "lacks in Italy a true culture of wine and sometimes appears distorted communication".

"Wine is part of our Dna – says Marco Gatti -, but instead of promoting the knowledge and culture of drink aware, by the time the wine is subject to an unfair demonization ".

Agree Nino Visco, which while not entirely negative finding the principle whereby "drinking less but drinking better", recognize as a problem the tightening of driving rules, that brought out home consumption to less than 20% of the total.

For Riccardo Facci there is also a "critical to communicating the manufactured wine and alcohol that prevented a clear support from the Community institutions, often divided between the need to raise awareness on the subject of driving safety and promotion of alcohol-based Italian products ". Let us go beyond analysing: "Italian companies are reluctant to make the system and have failed to communicate their prestige so modern, structured and coordinated as they do French cousins. They are an excellent example of how you can add a robust support from the institutions in a talented culture of communicating ".

Creative words that sees the world of wine from outside, but they seem to give reason to Mah, that this world knows it from the inside, When he says that "the problem of communication concerns the lack of uniform policies in the supply chain".



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