Not only Venice for Carnival

by Friday, February 25, 2011

AL VECIO MABASO. At the intersection of certain secondary streets, to find Al Vecio Mabaso (Campiello Peter Center, Dorsoduro 1220), nato recently but already referring to the bacari (by to bacàra, revelry, eating and drinking in the company) just head towards the groups of young people from festive t-shirt creative that coil cigarettes near the entrance. Inside is a hoot: a tiny cicheteria with a few wooden tables, the open kitchen and an array of dishes and saucers from losing your head. It is not enough, the beauty is that you can also Slim pickings in Venice, the prices are absolutely honest. Mandatory rite: baccalà mantecato with good fresh wine. HOW MUCH YOU SPEND. 30/35 €.

ANTICHE CARAMPANE. Despite its name, a kind of nick for prostitutes who crowded the center of Venice in 1300, Antiche Carampane (San Polo, 1911), is the romantic type in which you always dreamed to get once in a lifetime. Also the area, for past Campo San Polo, It is unusually quiet. To get there you may lose, what Venice is part of the game, can help you find the sign at the entrance facing scacciaturisti: "No Lasagna, No Pizza, No Tourist Menu ". The valets greet you with a colorful menu reads, where, usually, follows the sweet torment of seafood entrees, raw and cooked. Once here, the Venetians hardly forego the mullet imbriago with red wine. HOW MUCH YOU SPEND: 50 €.

OrSTARIA DA RIOBA. The more successful the city address for risotto or polenta with schie (the shrimp from the lagoon) It is located on the 2553 fondamenta della Misericordia, sestiere di Cannaregio, It owes its name to the famous stone of Porter Campo dei Mori. It is at theOstaria Da Rioba just to spritz, but when you hear crunching by Eloisa Milner, the owner, promising dishes like boiled Octopus, pumpkin cream with mushrooms, spaghetti with scampi alla busara, tonnarelli with black dried tomato pesto, realize that going to other places wouldn't make sense.HOW MUCH YOU SPEND. Not abusing the wine list is spending 35/40 €.

ALLE TESTIERE. We all know what they say about Venice, a beautiful city where we eat bad and overdone. Well-earned reputation and to some extent inevitable, mind you, but to say that everything sucks is not a service to reality, is a masturbation. It shows the young management of this tiny room (9 tables) specialized in fish dishes solids. Transparent prices, local ingredients, commitment to maintain the Venetian tradition. For the squid with the castrature one could come especially in Venice, but the list of items that change your idea of how to eat in the city goes from cod dumplings with squids, up to pumpkin ravioli with squid ink, coupled with excellent local wines as the garden or Sant'Erasmo. Found Alle Testiere in the Castello district, 5801, before you go but remember to book. HOW MUCH YOU SPEND. 35/40 €.

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