TG5: Italians spend 1.100 euro at the restaurant in a year

by Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The news gave the Tg5 Cristina Parodi of 20 last Sunday: no crisis at the restaurant for Italians, they spend per head well 1.100 euros per year to dine away from home, per capita spending highest in the rest of Europe. Then the Parodi launches service and already more than a restaurant discussing pizzerias. But, Dear Parodi and dear Tg5, 1.100 euros per year are really so many when dining in a restaurant serve a minimum average, per head, among the 40 and 50 euro? And if you spend now pizzeria thirty… But let's do a quick calculation: 1.100 euro divided by 30 euro, make an average of 3 exit at dinner a month, But if we begin to consider spending a single but also pays for another person (girlfriend/or, wife, husband…) We arrive at an outing per month. Regardless of whether it comes out carrying the children.

I wonder how they can make all the gourmet restaurants to survive, and also many other lower-level exercises…

Says the service Tg5: In short, the crisis for the Italians at the restaurant there is… Mah.

But how about dati, Let other. Decrease sales of bars and restaurants in Europe, but in Italy the increase 14,5% for every euro spent on household consumption. An investigation of the Helios Centre, Confeuro Research Institute, reveals the fault of Italian consumers than Europeans. Our research – State National President Confeuro, Rocco Tiso – highlights a strong difference of Italian consumers than Europeans. The entire Eu turnover and its food expenses incurred outside the four walls of the last ten years and equal to 11 billions – continue Tiso – the 95 per cent and’ Italian. The European average and’ instead of the 30 per cent. The result of these analyses and’ probably also the result of lower prices of Italian restaurateurs, below the European average. These data – concludes Tiso – demonstrate the extraordinary Italian food and wine culture, confirming that agriculture for this country, not only represents an essential part of one's identity, but also an extraordinary potential’ of development”.

An analysis released by Coldiretti on the occasion of San Faustino, Instead, According to the Istat data relating to the household consumption would be that single people spend on food purchases 64% plus’ with respect to the average number of Italian families. The average expenditure for food and drinks in a single and’ by 304 euro per month, top of 64 percent compared – emphasizes the Coldiretti – to 185 euros per month for each Board member of a family of Italian type made up on average by 2,5 people. Reasons for the increased incidence of expenditure are certainly to be found – Coldiretti claims – in needs’ for single purchase quantity more often’ of food due to the lack of appropriate formats But even when they are available are much more’ Dear traditional ones. To affect monthly expenditure of the single are in order: the meat (63 euro), fruits and vegetables (59), bread, pasta and derived from cereals (51), milk, yogurt and cheese (41), drinks (29), fish (25), sugar and coffee’ (24), oils and greases (12). To increase the food expenditure, continues Coldiretti, and’ even the high presence of wastesWhy’ and’ more’ easy, for open milk, the mozzarella, the packaging of fresh salad, the tortelloni started remain at the bottom of the refrigerator and be inexorably thrown in the dustbin. Young singles are also – Specifies Coldiretti – a segment of the population with careful lifestyle to save time in favour of labour and especially entertainment, that favours consumption of ready meals to over’ high cost impacting most on shopping bag. Moreover, a growing number of single, especially among young, He devoted himself passionately to the kitchen with careful choice of ingredients often purchased directly from farmers ' markets campaign friend’ they represent a significant share of customers. Most products’ purchased, In addition to fruits and vegetables in season, are cheeses, meats and quality wine’ as not to Miss – Coldiretti concludes – special evenings.


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