Earthly paradise or hell of the living for the Apple industry?

by Friday, February 18, 2011

Here they are, the updated data of the fruit of sin. The 05 February was held in Berlin at Fruit logistica the WAPA, the World Association of producers of apples and pears. Around the table of WAPA are two times each year the producers of apples 15 the most representative countries globally, for an exchange of mutually useful information and assessments to better understand the market dynamics.

With the Edition 2011 took part for the first time an operator of China, who presented the data base of the Chinese production system. This presence has allowed him to open a direct channel with the Association of Chinese exporters of apples, important to have the most reliable and accurate news about this important country.

The situation in the southern hemisphere

On that occasion were officialized the Apple production forecasts of the major southern hemisphere countries and guidelines regarding export. Data presented as global production estimates are broadly in line with previous years and confirm the normal productive potential of six countries. It is also interesting to note that the significant reduction of production of Brazil, due to climate problems is compensated by Argentina and New Zealand.

The total volume of Apples exported is expected to increase in the 5%.

The Brazil report -45% in fruits for export, for the less availability due to devaluation of the local currency to Euro and dollar. In increased are forecasts for Argentina, New Zealand and South Africa. We now see where such exports will focus in Europe, Asia and America.

Given that the total Apple exports to the European Community in 2010 was 543.474 ton, against the 651.983 ton. of 2009, given the situation of Community production is reasonable to predict a slight increase in the volume of apples coming against season.

Also important to the reporting of a delayed about a week in the collection in some of the countries.

The European situation

At Community level the trade framework is positive confirmation, with a total inventory 2.784.485 ton., (-9,7% on 2010).

At individual country level, of importance is the situation of Germany, a – 25,6% of inventory compared to 2010 represents an interesting outlet for Italian apples.

The Poland, with a greatly reduced production than normal, has a stock of 19,6% less than the 2010, that free market areas – especially towards Russia and Eastern Europe traditionally Polish production-oriented.

Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands have notified in order of stocks 25 – 30% below 2010, While France is sufficiently aligned with the Italy, with a -4,9% on 2010.

Overall therefore the market in the European Community has given very comforted with excellent prospects of absorption for the months to come.

The situation in Italy

The inventory Apples in Italy the 01 February are less than 2% compared to the same time of 2010, with a total sales volume 209.893 ton. with respect to the 208.635 in the same month of January 2010.

From the standpoint of the varietal Golden Delicious with a stock of 3% bottom al 2010 and a sales volume in January of 89.828 ton, in slight increase compared to 88.295 ton of January 2010, confirms a good and steady demand, supported by a more than satisfactory quality, with good prospects for the remainder of the season.

Well must be judged the pace of sale even for other varieties, with the Gala with a stock of 51.512 ton. against the 52.344 of 2010 approaches now without problems at the closing stage of the season.

Stocks of Red Delicious are the 3,9% below on the 2010 and this is reflected with dynamic changes in practice on all varieties.

Stored Production Inventory Difference
2009 2010 01/02/2010 01/02/2011 %


Tonn. Tonn. Tonn. Tonn.
Trentino – South Tyrol 1.408.524 1.402.504 830.100 840.535 1%
Veneto and Friuli 209.557 168.778 81.037 61.178 -25%
Lombardy 34.430 33.476 17.051 16.030 -6%
E. Romagna 143.096 121.748 47.751 42.633 -11%
Piemonte 180.101 177.743 85.124 82.856 -3%
Campania 35.000 35.000 5.000 5.000 =
Other Regions
Total Italy 2.011.208 1.939.249 1.066.063 1.048.232 -2%

The lack of apples at the level of individual EU countries argues very well export. The internal market has expressed some uncertainty in year starts but looks dynamic and interesting today.

Overall the prices are stable at a level that you can locate in a 15 – 20% compared to the season 2009/2010.

While waiting for spring and summer productions, that might in some way affect the closure of the season, all major player confirm a reasonable optimism, guided not only by the pace of sales but also the good quality of the product in storage and confirmation of good commercial spaces in both the European Community and in areas of Eastern Europe and North Africa, where there are more spaces of penetration.

Assomela s.c. is the Association of producer organisations of Italian apples representing the 80% indicate that national production, to which you associate the OP VOG (Marlene), VIP and VOG Products in the province of Bolzano, Melinda and "Thirty" in the province of Trento, COZ and northeastern Veneto region, The Melapiù Regione Emilia Romagna, Rivoira and Lagnasco of Regione Piemonte and Lombardy region Melavì.


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