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by Wednesday, February 16, 2011

He was born in Verona a new appetizer: It's called Chiaré, It was designed in Bardolino, but he made his debut in city of Juliet during the three days of Verona in Love, from 12 al 14 February, in the Loggia in Love set up under the Loggia di Frà Giocondo, in Piazza dei Signori. Technically, is a "sparkling", or an aperitif with bubbles. Is made directly into the glass by putting together Sparkling Chiaretto Bardolino, elderberry syrup, fresh mint leaves, plenty of soda and ice.

A fresh drink pre dinner "that enhances the color coral pink of rare spumantizzata version of bardolinese Claret and its characteristic fruity perfume (Raspberry, Strawberry berries, Cherry), flower arrangements (accentuated by elderberry) and spicy (enhanced by Mint). With a final ABV quite contained: a typical bar portion does not reach the 5 degrees of alcohol.

To create the Chiaré on behalf of the consortium of protection of Bardolino was Andrea Palmisano Matteotti coffee of Bardolino, directed by Mauro Sabaini Central coffee. Both bartenders belong to De Gustibus, the Association of restaurateurs and bartenders of Bardolino, and a dozen members of the local association that will offer the Chiaré in the following days in Bardolino to Verona in Love: have in fact joined the restaurant La Loggia Rambaldi, the paninoteca Boa, the Inn San Francisco, and then Through Clubbing, Central Coffee, Coffee Matteotti, Crystal ice, bar Last, La Bottega del Vino, Yacht Bar, Club Pomme, osteria Franciscus and gelateria Miralago.

"The Chiarè – says the President of the Consorzio di tutela del Bardolino, Giorgio Tommasi – is an idea born to offer an unprecedented contribution to Verona in Love, but also to thank the nearly 12,000 people who last year spent at our stand to taste Bardolino Chiaretto in the traditional version of ' stops '. The Claret is still protagonist of Verona in Love as a gift to young couples who will be in Verona to exchange their promise of love, but in our post this time We propose also a curious interpretation of our Sparkling Chiaretto, a type that is encountering growing favor, Although the production is still limited to about 300 thousand total bottles, against the 10 millions of bottles of traditional Claret, real national leader in the field of rosé wine ".

But how do you achieve Chiaré? Meet Andrea Palmisano and Mauro Sabaini: "For a standard portion 15 CL, It takes plenty of ice, 6 CL of Sparkling Chiaretto Bardolino, 1,5 CL elderflower syrup, 7,5 CL soda and fresh mint leaves. The Chiaré is prepared directly in the glass: fits ice, pour elderberry syrup and Sparkling Chiaretto, Add mint leaves and eventually joins the firm, and the appetizer is ready ". With Chiaré is ready so the response to prevailing Garda veronese and fashion Spritz?

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  • Paul
    February 18, 2011

    practically the veronese version of Hugo (prosecco, elderflower and Mint) on the market from a life!!! who found!!!

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