AAA. Carefree day cercasi

by Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How beautiful my friend's invitations nomadic apiarist Andrea Paternoster. I'll ride as equal. I will be in Rome, but you, try to be. I am sure it will be an extraordinary day!


We welcome friends and connoisseurs;

– they just want to share a jovial moment, fresh and playful;

– who can appreciate a day in the high mountains, between slopes and cozy huts;

– You excite for small things, Nowadays take for granted;

– who love life in all its forms and colours;

– absorbing elements of the world around them by mixing them with a pinch of joy
and authenticity


We will release our spirits on Mac snow Val di Pejo,
throwing himself headlong into exciting descents in the middle of
Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio,
land of
Ferruginous rhododendron “Alpine rose”.
and I will take the opportunity to observe this area
a future approach to beekeeping.

The new cable car We will raise up to 3000 m above sea level.
We will fill our eyes of deep-sea and emotions
“pure white snowy peaks, sweet stench of vivid flowers, Red on wooded shores,
vague color party cake” CIT.
Ernesta Bittanti Battisti

Possibility of dinner and overnight Sunday night at DOSS OF GEMBRI, 2400m s.l.m., the cost of treatment in MP is 50 Euro, limited seats, However, there are other options.

Contact us to confirm your subscription to the

Hoping that time is on our side, We'll keep an eye on weather forecast, on the basis of which WE WILL CONFIRM THE EVENT FRIDAY 18 February.


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