The Spaniards prefer beer. And wine collapses

by Tuesday, February 15, 2011

According to the trade magazine “Distribucion y Consumo”, He has published research conducted by public institution Mercasa, the per-capita consumption of Spanish wine, is currently only 9,5 litres per year. In terms of comparison it is recalled that currently the per-capita consumption is Italian 40 litres. In 1980, wine consumption in Spain was 50 litres, dropped to 33 liters in 2000. The fall was even more traumatic for the last decade. It is estimated that today in Spain for each litre of wine consumed is drunk five times more beer.

Younger generations are choosing beer and spirits at the expense of the wine, a product perceived as elitist and expensive, consumed mainly by elderly people. All this despite the Spanish wine in the last 20/30 years has been the quality revolution. The study of Mercasa Institute points out that wine consumption in Spain in 2009 the overall had fallen 44% than ten years earlier. The most dramatic reduction has occurred in the consumption of table wines: in 2009 the consumption of these wines has dropped by more than 60% with respect to the 1999. The decline of sparkling wines was contained around 22%, While they have basically kept the other wines (with an improved 3%). The downward trend has been constant throughout the period considered, Although the fall was accused in any meaningful way over the last two years (2008 and 2009).


The largest share is attributable to consumption of households (56,5%), While the commercial catering accounts for the 42,3% volumes and the social collective catering and the remaining 1,2%. In consumption globally are estimated value around 2.330 million euros, referred 439 in the case of table wines, 228 million for sparkling wines and 1.663 for the other wines.
Regarding the spread of consumption in various regions is reported at the autonomous region of Cantabria, with 17,7 litres. Follow the Balearic Islands (15 litres), Asturias (13,2 litres), Catalonia (13,1 litres) and the Basque country (11,7 litres). The Spanish fits into a broader trend of negative fund that covers all three main producing countries. France, Italy and Spain, Although in the latter country the fall in consumption appears to be more traumatic.

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