A gourmet broccoli

by Sunday, February 13, 2011

Broccoli Fiolaro of Creazzo is so named because the head structure includes the development of a myriad of suckers, the fióli, that is precisely children, which constituted, together with potatoes and cereals, the power base of subsistence of the families of these agricultural areas in winter. Broccoli Fiolaro of Creazzo was selected and played by generations of farmers of beautiful hills just outside Vicenza and for a fairly long period of time was "saved" from extinction by only two families of peasants of the area. For its unique characteristics, has been the subject of a restoration project that involved many institutional subjects, among which include the province of Vicenza, through the Institute for Genetics and Agricultural Experimentation "Nazareno Strampelli" di Lonigo, that has a certain amount of seeds in the vault of one gene bank of all agricultural varieties of Vicentino; the Consorzio di Promozione Turistica "Vicenza is", that it has followed all the stages of establishment to De. Co., until the Pro Loco of Creazzo, which, through the creation of the Festival of Broccoli Fiolaro, an indoor festival held in the heart of winter, allowed this vegetable very humble origins to become the protagonist of a renewed interest in its reproduction by an increasing number of growers direct.

For the President of the consorzio Vicenza E ' ", Dino Dry, "it seems that our broccoli fiolaro from poor postwar country kitchens both landed on the tables of the best restaurants in the Vicentino, up from Cracco in Milan and now also at television in a broadcast Geo thickness&Geo, We validate in the conviction that our territory is a resource site, real wild pearls, to be enhanced with passion and perseverance. Broccoli fiolaro is a successful example of territorial marketing action that paved the way for other products de.co. vicentine territory».


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