But Clooney, erotic dream of women is the pizza.

by Thursday, February 10, 2011

Easier think of tasty Pizza or of choice chocolate rather than a night of passion. At least that methods would bring about a survey carried out by ShapeSmart (Health Division of a major British pharmaceutical company that deals with the production and sale of vitamins, minerals and supplements). According to the survey published on DailyMail women think more about food than sex, so much so that six out of ten women don't like eating in front of their partners and that four out of ten women are constantly diet.

Even the 25% women think about food every half hour, While at the same time think about sex only 10% of women, that is one out of ten.

The study, also on the online edition of Time was conducted by interviewing 5000 between men and women with the aim to find the Eatertype of each, the diet plan personalized to your tastes and preferences.
And the results obtained shows that the 60% of women not happy eating in front of your partner; the 50% prefer don't undress before the companion; the 40% feels like it's constantly on a diet; and, Finally, the 13%, when eating out, choose low calorie meals instead of choosing what would.

As if that weren't enough, the 13% women said to order less food than necessary when eating out, the 15% admits to eating junk food in private and the 10% claims of lying.

Girls, If it's really just so, We have not at all!

1. Ok, eating is one of the most beautiful things that there can be and I understand if you don't feel like nothing else… But only sometimes! In Short, I can't believe that between a pizza and a Clooney would you prefer pizza…

2. What is this story that don't eat serene, sorted with the obsession of the calories, in other words there you enjoy it even when you go out for dinner at the restaurant?! You have not yet understood that the “cheese slices” piaccino only in photos and that a woman who loves to eat is very sexy?!


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