Turtle if you say goodbye “Yes”

by Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Often you hear that marriage is the tomb of love; now scientific research seems to have shown that defungere, After the fateful “Yes”, It is also the physical form. According to findings from a study carried out by the’The Karolinska Institute by Stockholm, In fact, married life would harm not just to the physical form. To be studied were almost nine thousand people, a large majority men (6.900 males and 1.971 females), of different ages, social status and marital status.

Monitored for a period of three years, some of these people have married while others have divorced and just as a result of these variations of your marital status There were significant changes of physical fitness: It was found that those who had contracted marriage tended to grease While, on the contrary, the newly divorced lost weight and fitness riacquistavano.

The search results, conducted by a team headed by Francisco Ortega and published in the magazine “American Journal of Epidemiology”, are the result of several years of testing and medical studies which have been carried out on volunteers. It seems that they are mostly women the most prone to fatten once accasatesi, Although there are some men who have given up their sculpted ABS “Turtle” Once you've found the wife. On the contrary, the single resist in pay attention to their physical form and the divorced, even, Slim and continue to pay greater attention to your physical appearance.


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