Zen and the art of cleaning the croissants

by Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today, After cleaning 2 pounds of green beans, I assured. The croissants are zen. Or maybe even zazen. I focus on posture, I try to go light and then breathing out, inforco the croissants one by one and start slowly my work.

While I clean one by one those little breadsticks Greens, sitting at the table in the garden to warm myself at first really warm sunlight of this long winter, I think. To nature, at my work, to many things to do from tomorrow and throughout the week, to projects that may be. And also to the holidays. I feel as if time flowed more slowly, I close my eyes and deep breath. Thinking is the only way for me to pass the deadly ennui of cleanup of these blessed croissants, truly one of the very few things that I find boring in the kitchen. Another is the cleaning of asparagus.

Who would have said, then, that simple croissants you to watch you in and get you some’ time for yourself? W the croissants: Zen and pure good.


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