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by Friday, February 4, 2011

Where is the wine DAYS?

Sunday 6 February you will have no peace. Your DAYS will give you a warm and excited Hello from Radio Monte Carlo to 9.30 about accompanied by Luisella Berrino, to talk about Sex and the wine… You will then just long enough to get to drink a coffee and behold, at 12, the lunch appointment is with "Annecy Festival ", the appointment of Retequattro with agriculture, the environment and eno-gastronomic traditions, conducted by Edoardo Raspelli and Ellen Hidding. This Sunday Edoardo Raspelli is in Trentino the discovery of the "magical" world of Apples. In the world there are more than 1,000 varieties.

Elllen Hidding , accompanies the viewers of "Annecy Festival", in an extraordinary journey to the Park Adamello Brenta, the largest natural area in Trentino.

Today some newspapers writes about Sex and the wine. Here's a couple



And the Marconi Radio interview today with Samanta RADIO MARCONI 4 FEB 2011 SEX AND THE WINE

If site in Milan, I remind you that today at 18 in LeFel store of Corso XXII Marzo (Piazza 5 days) I'm with Roberta Deiana to present Sex and the wine. Followed by an aperitif with bubbles Endrizzi. I'll be waiting!


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