Charta di Caldaro: so you raise the slave

by Friday, February 4, 2011

Nineteen Caldaro manufacturers have signed the "Charta of Lake Kaltern", a specification that guarantees the quality of the wine produced from Schiava grapes, responding to specific and strict production criteria, already after the harvest 2010. The wines under the name "Selection Kalterersee D.O.C." will be on the market by next may.

In the climate of the dynamic success of Association for the promotion of the territory of Kaltern "Wein.Kaltern" and thanks to leap forward in the quality of wine Slave, I recently got very favorable reviews by the most qualified industry guides, the "Charta of Lake Caldaro"with the harvest 2010.

It is a standalone specification created and signed jointly by ben 19 local wine producers, that guarantees the consumer a selection of superior quality. A special wine then, that you recognize from the capsule stamped with the seal of quality under the name "Selection Kalterersee D.O.C.”.

Retracing the history of the grape note that slave in the 90 acres enrolled at Lake Caldaro were 1.290 reduced to half in 2008, and it is also for this reason that producers of Caldaro wanted to enhance their productions, establishing a quality specification. No more then an anonymous slave, but a wine with a strong personality, a true breed slave, modern, pleasant and fruity.

Caldaro with more than 600 hectares of vineyards is the most common vines of Tyrol after Appiano. Are over 260 the hectares of Slave, vine that here finds its natural habitat for the Mediterranean climate and the particular morphological conformation of volcanic origin soil, but only a hundred of those acres responds to strict selection criteria the specification.

The wine Selection Kalterersee Doc "is made only from the finest vineyards cultivated around the Lake until 450 metres above sea level; the harvest is manual and selective with a rendition of the 10% cheaper than that prescribed by the specification.

In the spring a jury of experts will select the first wines that meet the quality criteria set by the Charta of Lake Caldaro, that will be on sale from next may.

THE 19 "Slaves" Kaltern


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