Sploshing: food & sex. The new (questionable) food Erotica

by Tuesday, February 1, 2011

After years and years of crime novels and indigestion of CSI (Miami and NY first), NCIS, Criminal Minds one thing I understood: the food is also important when you're nice that laid in a morgue, because with what you find in the stomach during the autopsy can determine the time of death and thousands of other wierd things. What right did not expect is that last night, during an episode of CSI NY broadcast on Italia1, I discovered a new trend in terms of food and sex. It's called sploshing and it really is a practical little respectful things to eat… How it works? Well, There she rubs on (alone, in pairs, in Group rites) food of all kinds: linguine, lasagne, vegetables, sweet fruit and then at will. If then those with you wants you to clean up, of course they can do with a towel, but only with the mouth… and that's where the game becomes sexy flirtatious walks. Pare, In fact, that part of the pleasure derives from consuming food from other people's bodies and. It seems that more than a third of the Western population is infected by this passion, Although many of them do not know even.

Now, who has never amused, at least for once, to sprinkle the whipped cream or similar? But that does not tell me I was doing these sploshing here, view:



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