Usa: sweeps the Italian wine. Ice data

by Monday, January 31, 2011

The latest figures say that exports of Italian wine in the world show + 7,9% in quantity and + 9,1 % in value compared to the same period in 2009 with a tendency to growth. In the United States of America Italian bottles are the most sold constituting the 30% exports. For this reason the Italian Institute for foreign trade organized by the 24 al 26 January in New York, the third edition of "Italian Wine Week – 2011 Wine" which is the most important event in favour of Italian wine ever organized outside the national borders.

The event will take place in the prestigious Waldorf Astoria, in the heart of Manhattan. Hundred and twenty Italian wine companies present, over five hundred American operators who attend seminars scheduled winds, almost three thousand professionals, from all States, you are already registered.

"The United States of America have always been an important reference point for the Italian wine, both as regards the trends occurring in this big market, for both the intensity of trade – said Ambassador Umberto Vattani, President of the Italian Institute for foreign trade, He added, "despite the difficult economic moment the Italy international continues to play a leading role in wine sales in the u.s.. Hence the importance of "Italian Wine Week – 2011 Wine" which constitutes a new promotional formula that harmonises the American market needs with those of the Italian ".

"Our sales of wine in the United States of America – concludes Vattani – show an increase in the 9,3% in value and 8,2% by volume. In this context play a predominant role in red wines, According to the latest data, mark a + 35% of total exported to the u.s., Thanks to their specialties and interesting quality/price ratio. Even our sparkling wines, with Asti and Prosecco, are significantly increasing its performance compared to the previous year ".


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