The pasta of Italy second Scabin and Fantasy

by Monday, January 31, 2011

Spaghetti Pizza Margherita by Scabin for Fantasy

AND’ also running Identità Golose today and your DD is unfortunately locked up in Trent without we can go. But among the funniest news coming straight from Milan and from Congress that invokes the gotha Italian cuisine and not the creations of Davide Scabin for single-seed drills Fantasy.

Good Scabin has invented a nice NCS, — NORTH SOUTH CENTRE, conchiglioni (large shells) Matt single-seed drills Fantasy with 3 stuffed North identifiers, Central and southern Italy, —:
North: anchovies with pesto
Center: overcooked alla fiorentina
South: rag of burrata, tomato, Basil

NCS by Scabin for Fantasy

But look at (opening photos, at the top) that are beautiful even Spaghetti Margherita Pizza always Davide Scabin, the pot symbol of Congress, made with spaghetti single-seed drills Fantasy, oven-glazed tomatoes and anchovies and rag of burrata, Green oil, burrata English sauce, and chilli oil.

I'm already in the kitchen to try to replicate them!

And a good friend Riccardo Felicetti, always forward, with the times and with his desire to do. Riccardo, come on you to make me Spaghetti-Pizza? I know they are too difficult to do, even for a GeishaGourmet… I need some lesson! 😉

Sabin and Riccardo Felicetti


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