Comes the burlesque menu. And Eve La Plume comes out of a bottle of champagne

by Monday, January 31, 2011

The seduction of burlesque is increasingly trendy. To get even on the table. To move it to that position was Gaetano Costa in his glamorous Roman restaurant. So, last night with a bottle of champagne if it came out Eve La Plume (the Dita Von Teese mADE in Italy), the Queen of burlesque Italian. The coolest phenomenon in New York, in London, in Berlin and in Paris, could not escape the young Italian chefs Gaetano Costa, always attentive to the trends of the moment.

Eve La Plume, already famous for his participation in the Chiambretti Night, She has performed in a streap-tease for a performance of great glamour and femininity that only Burlesque can give, combined with a special tasting menu in Rome in Via Sicilia, New York air, where the silver grey and red lacquer Mingle on Le Corbusier sofas. But what is the burlesque menu?

Here It Is:

Welcome appetizers with a glass of champagne, '' Filippe Coast ' ' ***

Scallops ginger nuts and chestnut honey with artichoke salad ***

Prawn tails to beat bitter citrus and Belgian Endive baked, crustacean butter sauce ***

Open ravioli with potato River mussels and cardamom ***

damsels of monkfish with Parma ham and Sage with scalloped potatoes to milk ***

vanilla ice cream with rice and crunchy pistachios by Erice ***

coffee and petits fours


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