Wine from film with Storaro and Luca Maroni: Behold Vinalia

by Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Union of two ”Masters”, wine and film, the wine becomes cinema d'Autore. Under the supervision of three times with cinematography Oscar Award, Vittorio Storaro, and the scientific direction of Luca Maroni, born ”Vinalia”, the short that was presented in the preview 28 January during the gala of the Enology Maroni, ”Sensofwine”, the Palazzo dei Congressi dell'eur.

Produced by John Storaro, son of great Vittorio, with the direction and editing of Lorenzo Peluso and the recitation of Vittoria Belvedere and Massimo Foschi, ”Vinalia” represents the first part of a project more’ large: ”Wines of Italy”, that will see the creation of 15 DVD (Mithril Production S.R.L.) lasting 40′ Italian wine areas divided by regions. Vittorio Storaro is the figure whose artistic and’ assigned the task of overseeing the artistic creative project design, While Luca Maroni represents the figure around which it articulates: Sara’ him the Virgilio a tour through Italy, wine. The first wine time at the center of a great cultural project that enhances our territory and its production with the goal of achieving a great Visual Atlas, not only Italian wine terroir, but our ”Bel Paese”, through the suggestions for images of a great master of cinematic art as Vittorio Storaro.

”Always – says Vittorio Storaro – my visual vocabulary speaks in terms of light and shadow colors and Elements of Sun and Moon and I have always applied at the recounting of a story and then for the first time I opened the possibility’ to apply my visual vocabulary to nature. A new frontier that I immediately dedicated involvement of young professionals who were also among the best students of the Accademia dell'immagine L'Aquila and with whom we have shared creative work setting over Lazio that and’ the first part of the series of 15 DVD that tell this wine world between myth and reality’ in a shaded path in the unconscious of our ancient history and light of our conscious today's State-of-the-art and technology”.

”Until today – Luca Maroni says – the wine and’ ever been represented and communicated through its light and its nature and the producers placed centre stage”.

”My dream was to be able to represent and disseminate the Italy of wine as a phenomenon and natural spectacle, bright, as an example of beautiful humanity’ virtuously applied. Starting with this communication tool a Cultural and Naturalistic Renaissance for our country”.


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