The umbrella? Produces and bottles of drinking water

by Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And I thought that with Mary Poppins I seen all… Instead, Here it is: an umbrella which bottles rainwater, purified. It's called Umbrella Recollector and is the project of the Argentinean design studio Sinopsis to transform rainwater in drinking water, just walking in the rain.

In the other hemisphere is mid-winter: showers and rains, especially in this season, are not an infrequent thing. For this reason the design studio Sinopsis offers an unprecedented invention now: the umbrella for beere rainwater.

The name chosen by inventors is Umbrella Recollector, because this handy handy gadgets stipa and makes re-usable water that falls from the sky. The top of the umbrella is formed by a special cone that channels the water into the handle, While excess fluid, as in the case of a violent storm, is expelled from each side, as with a normal umbrella.

The water collected in the handle travels inside the structure until the special filter, of which is not specified the technical operation: the authors state that is able to make rainwater drinkable soon. AND, where is normally placed the handle, in Umbrella Recollector you can instead place a bottle, different size and capacity: from a normal liter bottle and a half, for when you stroll, up to a different tank litres, When you leave the umbrella resting on the ground.


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