2040: the vegetables you grow directly in the kitchen

by Monday, January 17, 2011

The result of a study commissioned by the Swedish furniture giant "mounts and dismounts"? How will tomorrow's kitchen.

In 2040 the kitchen will be alive: Word of Ikea. Not all maybe we will check with hand and mouth this statement, but some clues are getting technologically way already today. We see then how will the kitchen between twenty years made in Sweden. First will be able to read our moods, to automatically adjust the lighting, suggest recipes that fit in with the tastes of the owner and even groom alone. It would be enough if only the latter detail to live longer and. ..

Based on all data collected from the survey, Ikea has designed the kitchen equippeds Skarp that seems most of one of the patterns that decorate the houses of the best sci-fi movies. The Swedish giant has indicated 12 elements (see photo) I can't miss from the kitchen of the future. It starts from a landless cultivation of fruits and vegetables DIY (1) to which is added a 3D printer that prints, layer by layer, your food because even the eye wants its part (2). Obviously there will be a fridge with an IQ higher than your (3) – don't you take it – that calculate your nutritional needs, a tap and multi-touch (4) controlling the waste water.

The kitchen for sale in 2040 has self-cleaning surfaces (5), a device that monitors in real time the nutritional value of dishes being prepared (6), an oven with remote that warms up in time for your return home (7) and retractable shelves (8) you are always comfortable. Not bad even the cabinets that you adjust in height with a binary system (9) and the monitor to keep an eye on energy consumption (10). Less tempting the presence of genetically modified food (11), While they seem quite useful space-saving items (12).


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