Buondioli: an exceptional oil

by Sunday, January 16, 2011

Michele Buondioli and I are friends on FB, We do not know in person. Just before Christmas, tells me his stoned enthusiast and my curiosity, from passion for olive oil and especially Puglia oil, leads me to ask him to taste.

«The company ( is a small reality, trying to get known in the midst of this sea-magnum oils, If so you can define. The strength of the same company is the genuineness and simplicity of the product, made with love and dedication to the land. We guarantee, In addition to product quality, even (and especially) the freshness and genuineness of the same, values that today are rather hard to find ...», Michael writes on his site.

What is this oil different from many other? "Maybe the climate, the soil, or the processing of olives, But even plant care, which are constantly followed and attention to detail throughout the year, by expert hands; From pruning to harvesting, all this, to get a result without equal! An example, the most significant, is that even in case of lack of water ( drought ) the plants are helped with the necessary methods to ensure that both the plant, as well as the fruit, they do not suffer stress, factors that are very important for a good end result. At the end, We offer the highest quality, demonstrable company with on-site visits».

What is certain is that I can assure you that oil is truly amazing, intense and delicate at the same time, a true flavor, true, the color that makes, who knows enhance flavour any dish as do the primadonna on a slice of bread, better off if Pascal.

Go and tidy with eyes closed on, useful site for learning many things about olive oil.


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