A new way to save the wine?

by Saturday, January 15, 2011

Green, because it eliminates bottles and cartons, corks and labels, and inexpensively. Water distributors in recent years invaded the squares of Italian municipalities, but oltrealpe cousins have thought even those that blend the nectar of the gods: in France the bottles fill automatic to, but with wine. THEidea is a small company, that has begun to place its vending machines in the supermarket half-France.

Vending machines for wine, as those for other drinks and foods, are already available in several countries, Italy including. Usually, though, There are wine cellars. The idea that comes from France is new, Why is eco-label, Since the bottles you recycle, and promoting typical local production, marrying the glocal philosophy and low-food.

The operation is similar to canonicche water fountains for public use: the consumer chooses the pour wine specialities, sets the desired quantity, It is available in sizes of bottle or Carboy, then pick up the special gun distributor and fill the vessel that brought the supermarket from home. When the operation is completed, the machine prints a ticket with the classic barcode, that brings the price to pay for the product at checkout.

After the water and milk dispensers, the trend of organic products do-it-yourselfer could not therefore conquer even wine lovers, especially in a country which has great producer and consumer, as France. More than 500 of these machines are currently present in supermarkets, in two models and two capacities: by 1000 liters for mixing one type of wine, or 2×500 litres to contain two different specialities, Obviously, are typical products of the area where the Distributor was installed.

Would you think to raise some’ wine consumption?


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