The new viticulture signed by fashion designer Gharibian

by Friday, January 14, 2011

At the foot of Mount Ararat, where you want to have wrecked the biblical Noah's Ark, a few days ago was discovered a cellar of 6,000 years but, a few steps from there, There is also the future of Armenian wine. Is the project of Zorah Wine's, the fashion designer Zorik Gharibian, that, with an initial investment from 1 million euros, He called to him the agronomist Stefano Bartolomei and enologist Alberto Antonini, to rediscover the potential of ancient cradle of wine Enology and his vines. And so it was: "in the Valley of Yeghegnadzor, in the village of Rind, near where it was discovered the ancient cellar, We made bulk selections, and among the vines that we are studying – explains to WineNews Bartolomei – There is one, in particular, the Areni, which gives its name to a nearby village ". What is most fascinating is that there is never got phylloxera, do not use rootstocks, and it is very likely that the grape is the same as it was thousands of years ago, "because the area is isolated for centuries and do not find traces of" foreign "vines. The Beach is a red grape, from very thick skin, that allows him to avoid large sunstroke that there are at 1.300 meters of altitude of the vineyard. In the summer of 2011 will come on the market the first wine produced, in 20.000 bottles. Us – Adds Bartolomei – We brought a little bit of knowledge and technology, We did a specialized high-density vineyard trying to do low productions, slightly longer maturation and especially some ' cleaning in the cellar. The first tastings, are wines with a persistent fruit, We are working on concentrations and tannins to make it a major wine. We use Armenian barrique, I have a wood lot Compact and then we returned to the old local traditions put the wine in buried amphora to save you ". We have to wait to drink a SIP of history …


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