Festa del in Breganze Torcolato

by Friday, January 14, 2011

The Torcolato Doc, the famous sweet wine of the Pedemontana vicentina, back in the square in Breganze 16 January: with the third Sunday of the new year the appointment with "before the Torcolato", the traditional feast that local growers dedicate themselves to your sweet passito (en), one of the most wanted and loved the Italian wine scene. Vespaiola grapes of the harvest 2010, After four months of withering in I yielded, in attics and cellars of houses, will be publicly juices in an old wine press of the 1930s, provided by a member of the Strada del Torcolato. With this event in the central piazza Mazzini, for sixteen years he evokes an ancient tradition that brings together families of local Vintners.
Breganze is the Denominazione di Origine Controllata dal 1968: It's the first DOC of the Vicenza province to see the light. Torcolato is surely the wine that best expresses and embodies the secular history and tension to the perfectionism of all products in the DOC area, fruit stands of knowledge handed down from generation to generation, artisan work, careful selection of the grapes with a huge wine expertise. Moreover, wine is at home in Breganze since antiquity: the happy geographical position between the Asiago plateau and plain, well connected to roads already by Roman times thanks to that, and the alluvial soil associated with a particular microclimate, We have encouraged the cultivation of the vine.
The event to celebrate and taste the sweet of the future must Torcolato is therefore for the Sunday afternoon 16 January, When local producers will parade in the square on their carts overflowing with grapes, that will be subjected to a soft pressing on the stage erected in the Centre of the square. The nectar that is obtained from pressing will take at least another 18 months of maturation is controlled, before being bottled. A long and painstaking work, that gives rise to a memorable wine: make it unmistakable golden yellow, the intense perfume of acacia honey and white flowers, the scent of fruit in the mouth, figs and Dried apricots, of dates and nuts, with light citrus notes, How to peel orange or Mandarin, and a pleasant hint of spices, imparted by aging in noble woods in the interpretation of some manufacturers. Its extraordinary sweetness is there by good acidity, that comes from the native grape Vespaiola, slightly aromatic and exclusive of the area of Breganze, from which originates.
The name Torcolato most popular opinion comes from the method used to make the grapes after harvest: twisted, "torcolate" precisely, with a couple of strings, are left hanging in the winter months to joists clean and well ventilated area. According to others the name is due to the fact that the withered grapes is pressed: This interpretation puzzles me more than some manufacturer, so which of the two versions is for sure the most established do not know, probably, ever.
During the event you can also watch the parade of Magnificent Fraglia of Torcolato, followed by the appointment of new members and the public proclamation of the Ambassador of the Torcolato in the world for the year 2011. We will continue with the charity sale of bottles of "before the 2008 Vintage" Torcolato and the award ceremony of the sixth edition of the competition "Realizes the label before the Torcolato", the winner will have the honor of "tagging" the celebratory bottle of "before the Torcolato D.O.C. Breganze harvest 2010 "with his work.
On the occasion of the first, classical market will produce road Torcolato di Breganze wine and, with possibility to taste and buy Torcolati of members of the Consorzio Tutela Vini D.O.C. Breganze wine and food specialities and typical. You can also visit the Bell Tower Breganze, the highest of Veneto after that St. Mark's Venice.

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