By Valentino Rossi to Fernando Alonso: Kings of gasoline engines is the TrentoDoc

by Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentino Rossi with Matteo Lunelli and Camilla @FotoColombo

By Fernando Alonso with Felipe Massa from Valentino Rossi (pictured with Camilla and Matteo Lunelli) Nicky Hayden, the "King" of toasting with bubbles in Trentino.

Last night, dinner at Malga Montagnoli super accopagnata was reinforced by Brut of casa Endrizzi (Classic Method Sparkling first prize of Italy to Challenge Euposia – Sparkling wines from around the world 2010), historical cellar thirty led by Paul and Christine Endrici, also known for their Great SuperRed Magee, 100% Teroldego.

Then there's Ferrari in wet specimen days, "myth" authentic Italian spumantistica's one of the most popular wine brands in the world. Happens to the Edition n. 21 by "Wrooom", the world premiere of the scene today, created by Philip Morris on the snows of Madonna di Campiglio to present the news of the two houses of the most popular engines: Ferrari and Ducati. Ferrari wineries have set up their own ad hoc space dedicated to relaxation where the protagonists of "Wrooom" let themselves win the famous bubbles made in Trentino.


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