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by Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last minute meal: Testarol dolce jumped in the syrup with light pesto, candied orange, pine nuts, mascarpone, olive oil and pepper

Dear Friends, Yesterday I did a really great dinner at’Osteria della Villa d ' Almè Heath (BG), 1 stella M. Hard to choose from the menu, because it would have been to order each dish in, much interesting were all. The patron David Arrigoni and chef Paolo Benigni are really good, the restaurant is amazing, with the warm atmosphere and elegant at the same time, elegant but not formal.


And then I have a big privilege: In addition to being spoiled with some surprise tastings, Paul has also made me try a last-minute invention, invented in half an hour just last night: the testarolo sweet. Yes, you got it, the original testarolo Pontremoli done in an original sweet version really catchy.

Heath is definitely one of my favourite places (of those that we'd go every day, for lunch and dinner!) and I can only recommend to go there, even if you don't pass in those parts for case or for work, because of this local cuisine deserves also an ad hoc or gastropellegrinaggio travel, call it what you want ;)!

Now I show you the dishes of my dinner and I immediately apologize to the chef because the photos are taken with the phone and not make absolutely no justice to the beauty of its dishes. But sometimes you have to manage and settle ;).

Raw artichoke Carpaccio and lobster

The first classic of the Testaroli Characterized, a dish to be discovered, disclose and glorifying!

Amazing Tuscan soup

Outstanding mashed potatoes with Tuscan mountain ossobuco and fresh peas

Sadat at Ristorante Il Golfo

The Piedmont confrofiletto... Yum!

One of de Heath

Chef Paolo Benigni

Patron David Arrigoni

Missing photos of two other plates, the paccheri pasta with lobster (really delicious) and the gnocchi with cuttlefish soup (very interesting). I realize that I have written only about things-issime, but it was really so. And it's not often.

Because I was at Heath? G's birthday (in the picture on the left, with and.). Happy birthday Husband!

Here It Is, the gnocchi with cuttlefish soup

Strawberry cake with homemade ice cream made for G.

Paccheri pasta with lobster


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